Johnny the Priest and More


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Also Contains:  Folk Song/My Kind of Someone, Music for People Who Like This Kind of Music, New Cranks


1. Doin the Burp

2. The Little Box

3. Vicarage Tea

4. Be Not Afraid

5. I m Your Girl

6. Beyond These Narrow Streets

7. Rooftops

8. The Foggy Foggy Blues

9. He ll Let You Down

10. Ping Pong

11. Johnny Earn Peanuts

12. A Tanner s Worth of Tune

13. Charge Me

14. A Boy Called Johnny

15. Stormy Night

16. Finale

17. Soft Soap (from New Cranks)

18. Public Library (from New Cranks)

19. Shadow Girl (from New Cranks)

20. Pure in Mind (from New Canks)

21. Julia (from Cranks)

22. Folk Song (from And Another Thing)

23. My Kind of Someone (from And Another Thing)

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Antony Hopkins


Peter Powell




Must Close Saturday


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