‘Instant Marriage’ AND ‘The Lord Chamberlain Regrets…!’ CDR


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Strippers, coppers, thugs and dolts complete the cast and as per the lyrics of one of the songs: “A good time is had by all.” Also on the CD is the cast of “THE LORD CHAMBERLAIN REGRETS” revue by Peter Myers and Ronald Cass. Heading the cast is none other than Joan Sims, Millicent Martin and Ronnie Stevens. All three are good but topical revues don’t always yield classics.

Instant Marriage: A funny musical appreciated by audiences but dismissed by critics. Somewhat like a Ealing film, filled with crazy characters but the real sweetness of the characters is charming. Joan Sims has a showstopper that will make you fall in love with her.

  • Overture
  • Getting Married
  • Flippin’ Strippin’
  • Clothes Make the Man
  • Hands Off, He’s Mine
  • A Good Time Was Had By All
  • Bad Day Blues
  • You’ve ‘ad Your Lot
  • I Wish My Love Were Here
  •  Instant Marriage
  • I Not Sleep
  • 4. Up There
  • Show Him What’s What
  • Shake It About
  • I’m Gonna Get You
  • Playout

The Lord Chamberlain Regrets…!

  • Great Little World — Joan Sims, Ronnie Stevens, Millicent Martin 2:43
  • Kid Stuff — Joan Sims, Ronnie Stevens, Millicent Martin 3:58
  • Lac Des Scenes — Ronnie Stevens 4:05
  • Mother Of Invention — Joan Sims 3:11
  • Lest We Forget — Aubrey Woods, Barrie Gosney, Gordon Clyde 3:57
  • The Oldest Establishment — Joan Slims, Ronnie Stevens, Millicent Martin 3:04
  • Christmas Present — Joan Slims, Ronnie Stevens, Millicent Martin 7:07
  • The Ballad Of Basher Green — Ronnie Stevens 3:28
  • Trial By Jury — Joan Sims, Ronnie Stevens, Millicent Martin 6:07
  • I Love A Comedian — Joan Sims, Ronnie Stevens, David Morton 2:46
  • Where The Heart Is — Millicent Martin 3:17
  • Red Sky Night — Joan Sims, Millicent Martin 4:34
  • Jacqueline — Joan Sims 3:24
  • Spanish Fly — Millicent Martin, Gordon Clyde 5:20

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Laurie Holloway, Ronald Cass


Bob Grant, John Pritchett


Wallas Eaton, Rex Garner, Harold Goodwin, Bob Grant, Tony Holland, Joan Sims, Stephanie Voss, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Gordon Clyde, Barrie Gosney, Millicent Martin, Ronnie Stevens, Aubrey Woods




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