High Tor


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Bing Crosby and Julie Andrews in the CBS production High Tor, based on the 1937 original play by Maxwell Anderson and musicalized by Arthur Schwartz. Evening Primrose has a score by Stephen Sondheim and on Nov.16,1967 

A haunting mediation of timeless love set in upstate New York was perfect for Anderson’s special gifts and the play was a hit. Arthur Schwartz had conceived it as a tv musical and deluxe casting was offered. Bing Crosby and Julie Andrews, both wonderful singers, don’t set off sparks though both are fine individually. Set an upstate New York setting, sort of an upstate “Brigadoon”; the connection between a 1950’s Manhattanite and 18th century maiden just did not work as a musical. Anderson’s lyricism is fine as prose as in the play, but in song he can be hit or miss.What survives is an interesting failure graced by two major figures in the 20th century. 


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Arthur Schwartz, Stephen Sondheim


Maxwell Anderson, Stephen Sondheim


Julie Andrews, Bing Crosby, Everett Sloane, Margaret Bannerman, Margaret Barker, Charmian Carr, Leonard Elliott, Larry Gates, Mike Meola, Anthony Perkins, Dorothy Stickney




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