Hallulujah Baby (Styne, Comden, and Green) demo CDR + Shenandoah (Geld) demo


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Hallelujah Baby! has 10 songs, 5 of which are cut songs. Shenandoah has 9 songs.

Hallelujah, Baby!
1. My Own Morning
2. Watch My Dust
3. I Wanted to Change Him
4. Big Talk
5. Hallelujah Baby
6. When the Weather’s Better
7. Not Mine
8. I Want to Get Arrested
9. Ugly, Ugly Gal
10. My Own Morning

1. Raise The Flag Of Dixie
2. We Make A Beautiful Pair
3. Pass The Cross To Me
4. Violets And Silver Bells
5. Papa’s Gonna Make It Alright
6. Next To Lovin’ (I Like Fightin’ Best)
7. The Pickers Are Coming
8. Freedom
9. Raise The Flag Of Dixie


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