Half A Sixpence (2016)


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Half A Sixpence, 2016 London Cast Revival with added songs by Drew and Stiles. Titles marked * are by David Heneker (adapted by Stiles & Drewe); other titles are by Stiles & Drewe. Does not star Tommy Steele.

1. Half a Sixpence* 

2. Look Alive 

3. Money To Burn* & Money To Burn* (Reprise) 

4. Believe in Yourself 

5. She’s Too Far Above Me* 

6. A Proper Gentleman* 

7. Half A Sixpence (Reprise)* 

8. Long Ago* 

9. Back The Right Horse 

10. Just a Few Little Things 

11. A Little Touch of Happiness 

12. If The Rain’s Got to Fall* 

13. The One Who’s Run Away* 

14. Pick Out a Simple Tune 

15. You Never Get Anything Right / I Know Who I Am* 

16. We’ll Build a Palace* / I Only Want a Little House* 

17. In the Middle There’s Me 

18. Long Ago (Reprise)* 

19. Flash, Bang Wallop* 

20. Flash Bang Wallop (Reprise)* 

21. Finale 

22. Simple Tune Bows

(Length: 68:00)

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David Heneker




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