Fanny Brice the real Funny Girl 18 rare original songs




From chip Deffaa collection


1. My Man
2. AFew Minutes with Fanny Brice and Jack Benny
3. I’d Rather Be Blue Over You
4. Pocahontas and John Smith
5. I’m An Indian
6. Second Hand Rose
7. My Man
8. Baby Snooks Has A School Assignment – with Alan Reed
9. The Sheik of Avenue B
10. Mademoiselle Fifi – with Bob Hope, Martha Raye, George Murphy, Hanley Stafford
11. Soul Saving Sadie
12. Rose of Washington Square
13. Oh! How I Hate That Fellow Nathan
14. Baby Snooks on the Quiz Show – with Hanley Stafford
15. Becky is Back in the Ballet
16. Baby Snooks Meets Tallulah Bankhead
17. Mrs. Cohen at the Beach – introduced by Al Jolson
18. My Man – introduced by Al Jolson


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