Emma (Paul Gordon) 2018 cast


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1. Queen Anne’s Lace — Kelli Barrett, Dani Marcus, Lauren Cohn, Pamela Winslow Kashani, Will Reynolds, Ensemble
2. I Made the Match Myself — Kelli Barrett, Timothy Gulan
3. Relations — Sharon Rietkerk, Lauren Cohn, Kelli Barrett, Don Richard, Pamela Winslow Kashani, Dani Marcus, Ensemble
4. A Gentleman’s Daughter — Kelli Barrett, Dani Marcus, Adam Daveline, Ensemble
5. The Portrait — Brian Herndon, Timothy Gulan
6. The Argument — Timothy Gulan, Kelli Barrett
7. Should We Ever Meet — Kelli Barrett
8. Have a Piece of Cake — Lauren Cohn, Kelli Barrett, Sharon Rietkerk, Ensemble
9. Mr. Robert Martin — Adam Daveline, Dani Marcus, Kelli Barrett
10. Home — Kelli Barrett, Will Reynolds
11. The Recital — Kelli Barrett, Will Reynolds, Sharon Rietkerk, Timothy Gulan, Dani Marcus
12. Pride and Sense — Will Reynolds, Ensemble
13. So This Is How Love Feels — Kelli Barrett, Will Reynolds, Sharon Rietkerk
14. Humiliation — Dani Marcus
15. Emma — Timothy Gulan
16. Stranger Things Have Happened — Kelli Barrett, Dani Marcus
17. The Epiphany — Kelli Barrett
18. Badly Done — Kelli Barrett
19. Emma (Reprise) — Timothy Gulan, Kelli Barrett
20. Finale — Dani Marcus, Kelli Barrett, Timothy Gulan, Ensemble


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