Du Barry Was a Lady (Porter) full Movie Soundtrack Rink CDR


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Du Barry Was A Lady
1. Main Title Medley: Du Barry Was a Lady / Do I Love You – MGM Studio Orchestra
2. Du Barry Was a Lady – Martha Mears, Six Hits and A Miss, MGM Studio Chorus
3. Nightclub Medley (Partial Outtake): Give Him to the Oo-La-La/Well, Did You Evah? – MGM Studio Orchestra
4. Oxford Boys Medley: Thinking of You / Do You Ever Think of Me? / Sleepy Lagoon / You Are My Sunshine / A Cigarette, Sweet Music and You – The Oxford Boys
5. Medley: I’m Getting Sentimental Over You / We’ll Get It – Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
6. When Love Beckoned (On 52nd Street) – MGM Studio Orchestra
7. Do I Love You – Gene Kelly
8. Do I Love You – The Pied Pipers, Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra,
9. Salome – Virginia O’Brien
10. I Love an Esquire Girl – Red Skelton, The Pied Pipers, Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
11. Medley: Friendship/ Do I Love You/ But in the Morning, No – MGM Studio Orchestra
12. Song of Rebellion – MGM Studio Chorus & Orchestra
13. Katie Went to Haiti – The Pied Pipers, Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
14. Madame, I Love Your Crepes Suzette – Red Skelton
15. Song of Rebellion – Gene Kelly
16. Friendship – Lucille Ball, Red Skelton, Gene Kelly, Virginia O’Brien, Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
17. Royal Tasters (Outtake) – MGM Studio Chorus & Orchestra
18. Melody in A – Tommy Dorsey

Bonus Tracks from MEET THE PEOPLE
19. Main Title: Meet the People / In Times Like These – MGM Studio Orchestra
20. In Times Like These – Dick Powell, Gloria Grafton
21. Thank You, Columbus – The King Sisters
22. Heave Ho, Let the Wind Blow – Bert Lahr
23. Meet the People / New York Production Number (Medley): Meet the People/ It’s Smart to Be People/ New York Production Number – Dick Powell, Gloria Grafton, Lucille Ball, June Allyson, Virginia O’Brien & Company


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