Cole Porter Revisited Vol. 1


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1. Come On In (DuBarry Was A Lady,1939) – Ronny Graham, Kaye Ballard, Bibi Osterwald
2. A Little Skipper From Heaven Above (Red, Hot and Blue, 1936) – Ronny Graham
3. You’re A Bad Influence On Me (Red, Hot and Blue, 1936) – David Allen
4. I’ve Still Got My Health (Panama Hattie, 1940) – Kaye Ballard
5. But In The Morning, No! (DuBarry Was A Lady, 1939) – Ronny Graham, Kaye Ballard
6. Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye (You’ll Never Get Rich, 1941 film) – David Allen
7. By The Mississiniwah (Something For The Boys, 1943) – Kaye Ballard, Bibi Osterwald
8. I’m Throwing A Ball Tonight (Panama Hattie, 1940) – Bobby Short
9. Far Far Away (Leave It To Me, 1938) – David Allen, Kaye Ballard
10. Solomon (Nymph Errant, 1933) – Bibi Osterwald
11. It Ain’t Etiquette (DuBarry Was A Lady, 1939) – Ronny Graham
12. Tale Of The Oyster (Fifty Million Frenchmen, 1929) – Kaye Ballard
13. I Worship You – (Fifty Million Frenchmen, 1929) – David Allen
14. Red, Hot and Blue (Red, Hot and Blue, 1936) – Kaye Ballard, Bobby Short, Bibi Osterwald


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