Charles Bloom: In Here on CDR starring Christine Ebersole and Howard McGillin


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Christine Ebersole, Jill Paice, Nikki Renee Daniels, David Burnham, Howard McGillin

“In Here” was produced, orchestrated and conducted by David Snyder. It features an 18-piece orchestra, with Bloom’s original compositions sung by Jill Paice (Rebecca), Nikki Renee Daniels (Porgy and Bess), Christine Ebersole, John Dossett (Newsies), David Burnham and Howard McGillin (Rebecca), among others.

1. LET THINGS GROW – sung by Josh Grisetti
2. EASY – sung by Nikki Renee Daniels
3. WHAT’S A WOMAN TO DO? – sung by Christine Ebersole
4. WHY CAN’T A MAN SING THE BLUES? – sung by Jason Graae
5. THE STRAITS OF MAGELLAN – sung by Claybourne Elder
6. A CHILDREN’S TRADITIONAL – sung by Vicki Lewis
7. YOU’RE AS GOOD AS IT GETS – sung by Damon Kirsche
8. ON THE ROAD TO WHAT YOU WANT – sung by Howard McGillin, Gregory
Jbara 9. GOOD FOR HIM – sung by Jill Paice
10. WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME LIKE THAT?!? – sung by Christy Faber
11. TO SEE YOU HAPPY – sung by David Burnham
12. CALL ME WHEN YOU’RE SINGLE – sung by Liz Larsen, John Dossett
13. CHRISTMAS AND YOU – sung by Ashley Fox Linton
14. IN HERE – sung by Aaron Lazar


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