Blue (Jeanine Tesori -T Thompson) 2 CDs, a new black opera


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By Washington opera

CD 1
1) Prologue (instrumental)
2) – Urgent! – Drop ev’rything!
3) I was in the heyday of being in love
4) Damn, girl!
5) You married a cop?
6) I love him
7) What about your obsession?
8) I’m gonna strap my baby on my back
9) You havin’ a what?
10) – Forgive our sistah. – She knows not what she do
11) Birth that baby boy to term
12) Ha. Ha ha ha
13) I’m having this boy. I’m keeping this boy close
14) We wish on ev’rything you can wish on
15) Scrape the wax off your wings
16) Transition to Scene 2 (instrumental)
17) How you doin’, baby?
18) I’m somebody’s mother
19) Hello…Mom!
20) Cup your hand under his head and neck
21) Hello…Hello, my son
22) Go, go, go!
23) – Halftime! – We’re all yours, buddy
24) How do you feel?
25) Welcome to the daddy club!
26) How did you produce a son?
27) I’ve got a baby boy
28) Here’s a toast
29) Introduction (instrumental)
30) You not getting off that easy
31) Yes, sir! Got my own private warden
32) Moved up here so you could spread out and be by yourself
33) No! New York is the richest city in the world
34) Stat Stat Statue of Liberty
35) The world done change
36) – What am I supposed to do? – Stay alive
37) You alive, ain’t you?
38) I am out there in the jungle
39) Whatcha gonna do?
40) – Let me go. – No, my son, I will never let you go
CD 2
1) What is your name, my son?
2) Ah! You are the father whose child was lost
3) Ah! Your heart is broken, I hear it knocking against your ribs
4) This is my badge
5) When my boy was taken from me
6) I did not come here seeking redemption
7) Only a white God
8) You are walking in a terrible darkness, my son
9) May restoring waters clear the night’s weeping
10) In my hour of need I seek no salvation from you
11) Come away from the window
12) She sits in this matchbox disguised as a house
13) She was lying in her bed. In her own home. In her bed
14) – Look at her. – She wears the captive shroud of stony death
15) Let us go forth
16) Oh God! Bring my baby back
17) God, give me back any part of my baby
18) My heart…my heart is heavy tonight
19) Somebody…
20) A mother, clear out of her mind
21) God, we ask you, take care of this boy
22) Stay alive
23) Son, the light is turning amber. Run!
24) We sing…Christ wore the crown of thorns
25) Cup your hand under his head and neck
26) Introduction (instrumental)
27) I don’t know what the hell you talkin’ about
28) Set aside your sides, eat some set-asides I set aside for my boys
29) – You my son. – I got deep fried, red-eyed, drip-dried…
30) Kneaded, pinched, and prodded
31) Heavenly Father, we humbly thank you
32) Hey Mom, hey Dad


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