Blondel – Original London Cast 2CDs + Bonus Tracks


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Disc 1: 

1. Monks’ Introduction 

2. Blondel and Fiona 

a. The Creative Process 

b. How Long Can Someone Wait 

c. I’m a Monarchist 

d. Artists Are Tragic and Sensitive Souls 

3. Ministry of Feudal Affairs 

a. Opening Ensemble 

b. Fiona’s Plea to John 

c. Richard’s Intervention 

d. Economic Acrostic 

e. Crusade Rally 

4. Least of My Troubles 

5. Lionheart 

6. No Rhyme For Richard 

7. Trio 

8. The Assassin’s Song 

9. Running Back For More 

Disc 2: 

1. Blondel In Europe 

2. Saladin Days / I Can’t Wait To Be King 

3. The Inn at Salisbury / Blondel’s Search 

4. The Duke of Austria’s Quarters 

5. The Cell 

a. Reunion 

b. Death of a Statesman 

c. Tribute to a Statesman/A Royal Pardon 

d. The Wrong Train 

6. Westminster Abbey 

a. John’s Coronation 

b. Richard’s Return 

7. I’m a Monarchist (Reprise) 

8. Running Back For More (Reprise)

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Stephen Oliver


Tim Rice


David Alder, Tracy Booth, David Burt, Cantabile, Aidan Cook, Maria Friedman, Chris Langham, Sharon Lee Hill, Roger Llewellyn, Patrick Long, Paul Nicholas, Stephen Tate, Kenneth Williams




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