Blitz Lionel Bart London cast


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Great score

1. Our Hotel – Amelia Bayntun and Company
2. Tell Him-Tell Her – Bob Grant, Amelia Bayntun, Graham James and Grazina Frame
3. I Want To Whisper Something – Graham James and Thomas Kempinski
4. The Day After Tomorrow – Vera Lynn and Company
5. We’re Going To The Country – Evacuees and Mums
6. Another Morning – Bob Grant, Edward Caddick and Company
7. Who’s This Geezer Hitler? – Amelia Bayntun and Company
8. Be What You Wanna Be – Amelia Bayntun and Company
9. As Long As This Is England – Bob Grant, Edward Caddick and Company
10. Opposites – Graham James and Grazina Frame
11. Bake A Cake – Amelia Bayntun
12. Leave It To The Ladies – Toni Palmer and Ladies
13. The Day After Tomorrow (Reprise) – The Company
14. Entr’acte – The Orchestra
15. Far Away – Grazina Frame
16. Petticoat Lane (On A Saturday Ain’t So Nice) – Anna Tzelniker, Bernard Stone and Company
17. Down The Lane – Toni Palmer and Company
18. So Tell Me – Amelia Bayntun
19. Mums And Dads – The Kids
20. Who Wants To Settle Down? – Graham James
21. Is This Gonna Be A Wedding? – Amelia Bayntun and Friends
22. Duty Calls! – Thomas Kempinski and Company
23. Who’s This Geezer Hitler? (Reprise) – The Company


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