Big (Shire- Maltby) 2018 London cast


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Has some new songs added

1. Prologue / I Can’t Wait
2. Talk To Her / Carnival
3. Say Good Morning To Mom
4. This Isn’t Me
5. You’re A Big Boy Now / I Wanna Go Home
6. Time Of Your Life / Fun
7. Welcome To MacMillan Toys
8. My Secretary’s In Love
9. Let’s Not Move Too Fast / Do You Wanna Play Games
10. Stars
11. Little Susan Lawrence
12. Cross The Line
13. It’s Time
14. Stop Time
15. The Nightmare
16. Dancing All The Time / I Want To Know
17. Coffee Black
18. The Real Thing
19. When You’re Big
20. We’re Gonna Be Fine
21. Cross The Line (Reprise)


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