Belle (or the Ballad of Dr. Crippen)


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1. The Ballad of Dr Crippen – Jerry Desmonde

2. Fifty Years Ago – Nicolette Roeg and Company

3. Mister Lasherwood and Mighty Mick – Jerry Desmonde and Davy Kaye

4. Bird of Paradise – Rose Hill

5. Meet Me at the Strand – Nicolette Roeg and Ensemble

6. You Are Mine – Virginia Vernon

7. Colonies – Rose Hill and Girls

8. The Devil’s Bandsmen – Davy Kaye and Ensemble

9. The Ballad: 2 – Jerry Desmonde

10. Pills, Pills, Pills – Virginia Vernon, Davy Kaye and Ensemble

11. Ain’t It a Shame – Davy Kaye and Ensemble

12. Song of Our Future – George Benson and Virginia Vernon

13. Belle – Nicolette Roeg and Ensemble

14. Lovely London – George Benson, Virginia Vernon and Co

15. The Bravest of Men – Nicolette Roeg, Jerry Desmonde, Davy Kaye and Ensemble

16. A Pint of Wallop – Susan Irvin

17. Fairy Godmother – Davy Kaye and Nicolette Roeg

18. Waltzing With You – Virginia Vernon and Ensemble

19. I Can’t Stop Singing – Virginia Vernon

20. Coldwater, Michigan – Davy Kaye and George Benson

21. Don’t Ever Leave Me – Virginia Vernon

22. Policeman’s Song – Davy Kaye, Jerry Desmonde, Nicolette Roeg and Girls

23. The Ballad: 3 – Jerry Desmonde

24. The Dit-Dit Song – Jerry Desmonde and Ensemble

25. The Minstrel Show – Jerry Desmonde, Rose Hill and Ensemble

26. The Ballad: 4 – Jerry Desmonde

27. Reprise: The Dit-Dit Song – Virginia Vernon and Ensemble

28. The Ballad: 5 – Jerry Desmonde

29. Reprise: The Bravest of Men, or You Can’t Beat a British Crime – Company

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