Arthur Siegel at Ballroom Kay Ballard


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1. Introduction
2. I Gotta Make My Own Music
3. Lovely Me
4. He Takes Me Off His Income Tax
5. Penny Candy – June Carroll
6. Monotonous
7. Where Is Me? – Sandy Stewart
8. When The Time Comes – Sandy Stewart
9. Serena Waltz
10. Before You Love
11. Throw Your Cares Overboard
12. Open Your Eyes & Dream
13. Audience Introductions
14. Kaye Ballard
15. Beautiful Peoples – Kaye Ballard & Arthur Siegel
16. Where Is The Melody? – Kaye Ballard & Arthur Siegel
17. I Want You To Be The First One To Know – Kaye Ballard
18. Who Needs People?
19. Love Is A Simple Thing


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