After the Ball – Original London Cast


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1.Oh, What a Century It’s Been — Chorus

2.I Knew That You Would Be My Love — Peter Graves

3.Mr. Hopper’s Chanty — Graham Payne

4.Sweet Day — Vanessa Lee

5.Quartette — Chorus

6.Creme de la Creme — Chorus

7.Light Is the Heart — Mary Ellis

8.Why Is It the Woman Who Pays? — Chorus

9.London at Night — Chourus

10.Aria — Vanessa Lee

11.May I Have the Pleasure? — Graham Payn

12.All My Life Ago — Mary Ellis

13.Faraway Land — Graham Payn

14.Something on a Tray — Irene Brown

15.Clear Bright Morning — Vanessa Lee

16.London at Night (Reprise) — Chorus

17.Matelot — Graham Payn

18.Sigh No More — Graham Payn

19.Dear Madame Salvador

My Horse Has Cast a Shoe — Mary Martin

20.Bright Was the Day — Mary Martin

21.Fumfumbolo — Graham Payn

22.In A Boat On A Lake With My Darling — Graham Payn

23.Finder, Please Return — Vanessa Lee

24. On Such A Night As This — Vanessa Lee

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Noël Coward


Noël Coward






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