What is the difference between a CD and a CDR?

CD’s and DVD’s are discs that we have bought from other retailers and are pressed off-site by other companies.

CDR’s (or CD-roms) and DVDr’s (or DVD-roms) are discs that we burn in small batches on site. Mr. Yeko has the rights to the music or explicit consent from the creators to do so. It is the most economical option for Footlight Records. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our CD-roms, please, by all means, contact Bruce Yeko and he can clear up any concerns you may have.

When will my package arrive? Is there a tracking number?

Currently, we do not provide a tracking number unless explicitly asked for one.

Larger orders may take longer to fulfill.

Shipping Costs

Shipping charges for US residents are $3 for the first CD, and $1 each for the next additional CD’s.
First Class Rate unless weight is prohibited and then it’s Media Rate.

Please contact if you have questions about shipping costs to other countries. We ship international.

Updated International Shipping:

During the pandemic, we’re seeing a significant rise in international shipping costs. To save our customers, money all international orders including more than 2 discs will be shipped in either slim line or paper sleeves (with full artwork attached) and marked at the lowest customs rate allowable for business. This will ensure that our customers don’t pay inflated shipping costs.
For questions or comments, please direct all comments to footlightrecords@gmail.com