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My First Year in New York

I now would like to have come to New York two years earlier to see two years of musicals that I didn’t get to see. I’m just going to list shows that I could have seen:

  • The Conquering Hero, January 1961, directed by Bob Fosse and Moose Charlop,
  • 13 Daughters by Eaton Magoon, March 1961, (we now sell the Hawaiian cast with the original Robert Russel Bennett Broadway orchestrations on our site).
  • The Happiest Girl in the World, March 1961. Lyrics by Yip Harburg, music by Offenbach.
  • The Smiling Boy Fell Dead, April, 1961 by Sheldon Harnick (private cast album available on our site).
  • Donnybrook, May, 1961. by Johnny Burke and the wonderful Susan Johnson.
  • Sail Away, October, 1961, Noel Howard and Elaine Stritch.
  • Let it Ride, October, 1961, Livingston and Evans, starring George Gobel.
  • Another Evening with Harry Stoones, October, 1961.
  • The Introduction of Barbara Streisand, off-Broadway that closed opening night, a very big miss.
  • Kwamina, October 1961, Richard Adler
  • Kean, November, 1961, Wright and Forrest, Alfred Drake, yet again, a must hear score.
  • All in Love, November, 1961, off-broadway, another great score by Jacques Urbont.
  • The Gay Life, November, 1961, Deitz and Schwartz, Barbara Cook.
  • Madame Aphrodite, December, 1961, Jerry Herrman’s very first book musical, available on our site.
  • Family Affair, January, 1962, John Kandor’s first musical and Hal Prince’s first directing. (Demo available on Footlight)
  • All American, March, 1962, Strouse and Adams, Ray Bulger, Closed just a few weeks before I arrived.

New Musicals I did see in the first year:

  • Mr. President,  October, 1962, Irving Berlin – I waited in line for three hours only to be told that they could not give me my first ten rows of the orchestra until the end of the year. I reluctantly bought that ticket and took an early preview so I could see it twice. The show was so disappointing that I never used my good seat ticket.
  • Nowhere to Go But Up November 1962 James Lipton, Saul Berkowitz, another huge disappointment despite Dorothy Loudon. Only the title song seemed really good. The story, directed by Cindy Lumet, was not funny or interesting.
  • Little Me, November 1962, Cy Coleman, Carolyn Leigh, Sid Caesar starred. Great songs. But to me, not my cup of tea.
  • Riverwind, December 1962 – My first off-Broadway musical, by John Jennings (CD available at Footlight).

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