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Title Artist Label Price
Mack & Mabel (BROADWAY) Preston, Robert/Peters, Bernadette MCA Price: $11.95
Mack & Mabel in Concert (LONDON CONCERT) Brown, Georgia/Hearn, George/Tune, Tommy FIRST NIGHT S Price: $16.95
The Mad Show (OFF BROADWAY) Lavin, Linda/Dixon, MacIntyre/Libertini, Dick DRG Price: $99.95
Madame Sherry (Harbach/Hoschna) Comic Opera Guild Comic Opera Guild Price: $18.95
The Madcap Dutchess - Victor Herbert Comic Opera Guild Price: $17.95
Maddie London cast 2cds plus demos Price: $18.95
Made In America: Vaudeville Songs 1900-1925 (STUDIO) Various Artists ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $16.95
Madison Avenue (OFF-BROADWAY) Church, Amie/Sislian, Nicole ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $12.95
Magdalena (NEW YORK STUDIO) Kaye/Rose COLUMBIA Price: $19.95
Maggie Flynn- 1968 Broadway Cast Jones, Shirley/Cassidy, Jack DRG Price: $49.95
Maggie May (ORIGINAL CAST RECORDING) Roberts, Rachel/Haigh, Kenneth BAYVIEW Price: $16.95
The Magic Fish (STUDIO) Gerth, James/Egan, John/Thomas, Vaneese/Wheeler, William ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $8.95
The Magic of Jolson Baldwin, Clive AMERBRIT Price: $16.95
The Magic Show (BROADWAY) Henning/Soules/Stiers, Ogden JANUARY Price: $49.95
Magic To Do Steven Schwartz Rvue with new songs Price: $18.95
Magic Tree House: The Musical Morgan, Cass/Bullock, Donna/Sherman, Howard PS CLASSICS Price: $15.95
The Maid of the Mountains (LONDON 2000) Kelly, Janis/Maltman, Christopher HYPERION Price: $17.95
Make a Wish (ORIGINAL BROADWAY) Fabray, Nanette/Douglass, Stephen/Gallagher, Helen SEPIA Price: $15.95
Make Me a Song - The Music of William Finn (OFF BROADWAY 2008) Binion, Sandy/Bonds, D.B./Heller, Adam GHOSTLIGHT Price: $24.95
Make Me An Offer (Heneker) 1959 London Cast (Patricia Routledge) Price: $15.95
Make Mine Manhattan (STUDIO) Stritch, Elaine/Andrews, Nancy PAINTED SMILES Price: $15.95
Mamaleh! (OFF BROADWAY) Hill, Valerie/Stark, Molly/Tranelli, Deborah ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
Mame (remastered w/bonus tracks) (BROADWAY) Lansbury, Angela/Arthur, Beatrice COLUMBIA Price: $11.95
Mamma Mia! (LONDON) Stokke, Lisa/Lumley, Eliza/Gibson, Melissa DECCA Price: $18.95
Man in moon Bock &Harnick cast Broadway plus composer demos Price: $24.95
Man of La Mancha (COVENT GARDEN FESTIVAL ORIGINAL CAST) Raines, Ron/Criswell, Kim/Saltzman, Avey JAY RECORDS Price: $38.95
Man of La Mancha (1996 STUDIO) Domingo, Placido/Migenes, Julia/Patinkin, Mandy/Ramey, Samuel SONY Price: $16.95
Man of La Mancha (BROADWAY) Kiley, Richard/Diener, Joan DECCA Price: $18.95
Man of La Mancha (BROADWAY REVIVAL) Mitchell, Brian Stokes; Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth; Sabella, Ernie RCA Price: $18.95
Man of La Mancha (KARAOKE) Tucker, Tom/O'Connell, Margaret/Langeder, Rob STAGE STARS/POCKET SONGS Price: $24.95
Man of LaMancha London cast complete show Keith Michell Price: $18.95
Man Of Magic Houdini 60s london cast Stubby Kaye Price: $18.95
A Man of No Importance (LINCOLN CENTER THEATER) Rees, Roger/Prince, Faith/Murphy, Sally JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
Man On The Moon - John Phillips Broadway Price: $16.95
The Man Who Saved Christmas - A New Old-Fashioned Musical (Studio Cast Recording) Price: $15.95
The Man Who Would Be King- Studio Cast Price: $19.95
Man with a Load of Mischief (NEW YORK CONCERT 2003) Bogardus, Stephen/Santoriello, Alex/Sutherland, Diane ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
The Marc Blitzstein Centennial Concert CD (2005 CONCERT) Williams, Helene/Tralongo, Victoria/Brous, Katya ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
March of The Falsettos (OFF BROADWAY) Rupert/Bogardus DRG Price: $16.95
March of The Falsettos / Falsettoland (OFF BROADWAY) Rupert, Michael/Prince, Faith/Bogardus, Stephen/MacRae, Heather DRG Price: $21.95
Marco Polo tv Alfred Drake (Rimsky Korsakov music+Feathertop Powell Price: $18.95
Marcy in the Galaxy (A Musical by Nancy Shayne) Price: $19.95
Mardi Gras 1976London cast Price: $18.95
Marigold & Melvillainy (Original Cast Recordings) MUST CLOSE SATURDAY Price: $17.95
Marlene: The New Musical Play (BROADWAY) Phillips, Sian FIRST NIGHT N Price: $17.95
Marry Me a Little (OFF BROADWAY) Henry, Suzanne/Lucas, Craig RCA Price: $16.95
Marry Me A Little (Sondheim) 2012 Cast SH-K-BOOM RECORDS Price: $16.95
Martin Guerre (LONDON 1999) Weller, Stephen/Riding, Joanna FIRST NIGHT N Price: $18.95
Martin Guerre - The Musical (London) DREAMWORKS
Martin Short - Fame Becomes Me (BROADWAY) Short, Martin/Ashmanskas, Brooks/Birdsong, Mary SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $18.95
The Marvelous Wonderettes (OFF BROADWAY 2008) PS CLASSICS Price: $19.95
Mary Poppins (LONDON ) Kelly, Laura Michelle/Lee, Gavin/Haig, David/Hateley, Linzi DISNEY Price: $18.95
Mary Poppins - Czech Cast Price: $39.95
Mary Poppins - Live Australian Cast Recording Connelli, Judi Price: $29.95
Mata Hari (YORK THEATRE) Skye, Robin/Dama Rosemarie ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
Matilda (2013 Original Broadway Cast Recording) NEW! Not the London Cast Recording (Tim Minchin/Bertie Carvel) Minchin, Tim Price: $14.95
Matilda - Original RSC/London Cast Recording - Tim Minchin (Bertie Carvel) Price: $39.95
Mayor (ORIGINAL CAST) Wolpe, Lenny/Bernstein, Douglas HARBINGER Price: $17.95
Me and Juliet (BROADWAY) Bigley, Isabel/Hayes, Bill/McCracken, Joan DRG Price: $17.95
Me and My Girl (BROADWAY) Lindsay/Plunkett MCA Price: $11.95
The Me Nobody Knows (OFF BROADWAY) Calloway, Northern J./Bremmers, Beverly Ann/Cara, Irene/Fernandez, Jose 150 MUSIC Price: $16.95
Meat Street (STUDIO) Amado/Graydon ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $16.95
Meet John Doe (Cast CD) featuring Robert Cuccioli SH-K-BOOM RECORDS Price: $16.95
Meet Me in St. Louis (BROADWAY) Hearn, George/O'Shea, Milo DRG Price: $23.95
Melody Romberg-Caeser 1934 show new recording 2 cds Price: $19.95
Memory show musical - catherine cox-leslie kritzer YELLOW SOUND Price: $17.95
Memphis (2010 Original Broadway Cast Recording) David Bryan RING RECORDS Price: $17.95
Memphis 2014 London cast FIRST NIGHT Price: $17.95
Memphis 2014 London Cast FIRST NIGHT Price: $17.95
Menotti: The Saint Of Bleecker Street - Original Broadway Cast Recording arkivmusic Price: $33.95
Mermans Apprentice(Coles-Evans studio cast2016 Price: $17.95
Merrily We Roll Along (LONDON REVIVAL HIGHLIGHTS) Cantwell, Michael/Pappas, Evan TER Price: $18.95
Merrily We Roll Along (OFF BROADWAY REVIVAL) Gets, Malcolm/Ryder, Amy/Heller, Adam VARESE SARABANDE Price: $16.95
Merrily We Roll Along (LONDON REVIVAL COMPLETE) Cantwell, Michael/Pappas, Evan JAY RECORDS Price: $38.95
Sale Price: $27.94
You Save: $11.01 (28%)
Merrily We Roll Along (remastered + 2 bonus tracks) (BROADWAY) Walton, Jim/Morrison, Ann SONY Price: $13.95
Merrily We Roll Along (Stephen Sondheim) 2-CDs Encores 2012 PS CLASSICS Price: $17.95
The Merry Widow - 1964 Music Theater Of Lincoln Center Cast Lehar, Franz arkivmusic Price: $18.95
The Merry Widow (STUDIO) Kirsten, Dorothy/Rounesville, Robert DRG Price: $19.95
The Merry Widow/ The Desert Song (BOSTON) Carlisle, Kitty ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
The Merry Widow/The Student Prince Various Artists DECCA Price: $24.95
Meshuggah-Nuns! (Nunsense) Dan Goggin (ORIGINAL CAST RECORDING) Goggin, Danny NUNSENSE INC Price: $15.95
Messiah Rocks - LaChanze & Robert Spencer SONY Price: $16.95
Metropolis (cast recording) (LONDON) Blessed/Kuhn JAY RECORDS Price: $38.95
The Mickey & Judy Show (STUDIO) Harnar, Jeff/Hicks, Shauna ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
MID-LIFE! The Crisis Musical Price: $16.95
Midsummer Night's Dream - Ny cast Rusty Magee Price: $16.95
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Stew [Passing Strange] and Cast Price: $19.95
A Midsummer Night's Dream - The Rock Musical (STUDIO) Kane, Brian/Ferber, Lenny/Daly, Caroline/Sherman, Jessica ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
The Mikado (LONDON STUDIO) Bottone/Rees/D'Oc TER Price: $19.95
The Mikado (TELEVISION CAST 1960) Marx, Groucho/Rounseville, Robert/Meister, Barbara DRG Price: $16.95
Million Dollar Quartet (Original Broadway Cast) EMI Price: $17.95
Million Dollar Quartet - 2011 London Cast (CD) Price: $21.95
A Minister's Wife (Writers Theatre Production) CD Price: $16.95
Minnies Boys Broadwaycast cdr Price: $18.95
Miss Dolly Dollars - Victor Herbert 2 CDs Comic Opera Guild Price: $22.95
Miss Gulch Returns! - The Wicked Musical (OFF BROADWAY) Barton, Fred ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
Miss Hook of Holland (LONDON/NEW YORK) Huntley/Jay AEI Price: $24.95
Miss Liberty (BROADWAY) Albert, Eddie/McLerie, Allyn/McCarty, Mary SONY Price: $11.95
Miss Saigon (COMPLETE SYMPHONIC) Ampil, Joanna/Henshall, Ruthie ANGEL Price: $32.95
Miss Saigon (LONDON 1989) Pryce, Jonathan/Moore, Claire/Salonga, Lea DECCA Price: $35.95
Miss Saigon (COMPLETE SYMPHONIC HIGHLIGHTS) Ampil, Joanna/Henshall, Ruthie ANGEL Price: $15.95
Miss Spectacular - The Concept Album Baranski, Christine/Feinstein, Michael/Gaines, Davis/Lawrence, Steve DRG Price: $18.95
The Missing Peace (STUDIO) Malloy, Judy ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $16.95
Mitford Girls London cast 1981 Greenwell-Sherrin Price: $18.95
Mlle. Modiste (Victor Herbert) 2004 Comic Opera Guild Recording Herbert, Victor Comic Opera Guild Price: $17.95
Mlle. Modiste (Victor Herbert) Ohio Light Opera Co. (New on 2-CDs) Herbert, Victor ALBANY Price: $28.95
Moby Dick (1992 LIVE LONDON) Monopoly/Augustus FIRST NIGHT Price: $28.95
Moll Flanders: A Musical (HAMMERSMITH) Lawrence, Josie FIRST NIGHT S Price: $11.95
Molly Bloom - A Musical Dream (CONCEPT) Zapparoli, Anna ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $16.95
Monkey Biz'nis (NEW YORK 1992) Norman, Wallace/Briel, Joel/Sterner, Steve ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $16.95
Monster Makers (Dolginoff) Musical Price: $16.95
Monty Python's SPAMALOT Hyde Pierce, David/Curry, Tim/Azaria, Hank DECCA Price: $18.95
Moscow (ORIGINAL NY CAST) Storseth, Clay/Mingo, Alan/Arnzen, Nic ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $18.95
Most Happy Fella (1960 London Cast Recording) SEPIA Price: $15.95
The Most Happy Fella (STUDIO) Quilico, Louis/Loesser, Emily JAY RECORDS Price: $54.95
The Most Happy Fella (1992 BROADWAY REVIVAL) Malas/Hayden RCA Price: $16.95
The Most Happy Fella (BROADWAY) Weede, Robert/Sullivan, Jo SONY Price: $32.95
Most Men Are (STUDIO) Gurland/Seyer ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
Mother of All the Peoples - The Life and Work of Mary Slessor (SCOTLAND) Hay, Jill/Morton, Yvonne/Alexander, Sarah HAME RECORDS Price: $13.95
The Mother of Passion (STUDIO) Cameron, Marlene/Shure, Robert/Miller, Laura SHURE Price: $16.95
Motown - The Musical (2013 Original Broadway Cast) Price: $14.95
Mr. Cinders (LONDON REVIVAL) Lawson, Denis/Matthews, Christina TER Price: $18.95
Mr. President(Berlin) Broadway Cast DRG Price: $34.95
Mr. Wonderful (BROADWAY) Davis Jr., Sammy/Carter, Jack DECCA Price: $28.95
Mr. Wonderful (BROADWAY) Davis Jr., Sammy/Carter, Jack MCA Price: $39.95
Mrs Henderson Presents 2016 London cast Price: $18.95
Mrs. Santa Claus (Television Sountrack) Jerry Herman RARE! (TELEVISION) Lansbury, Angela/Mann, Terrence RCA Price: $34.50
Mud Glorious Mud! - The Best of Flanders and Swann Flanders & Swann REGIS Price: $14.95
Murder Ballad (2012 Off-Broadway Cast) YELLOWSOUND Price: $18.95
Murder For Two (2014 Off-Broadway Cast) Price: $15.95
Music in Search of a Musical (COMPOSER CONCEPT) Valenti, Michael ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $12.95
Music in the Air Pickens, Jane SEPIA Price: $15.95
The Music Man (Original London Cast) SEPIA Price: $16.95
The Music Man (BROADWAY) Preston, Robert/Cook, Barbara ANGEL Price: $11.95
The Music Man Preston, Robert/Cook, Barbara CAPITOL Price: $11.95
The Music of Dracul (CD & Book) (SAN DIEGO) Bennett, Jordan/Forsgren, Danielle DAT Price: $19.95
The Music Teacher - 2 CD's Price: $18.95
Musical Chairs (BROADWAY) Meredith, Lee/Franz, Joy ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
The Musical of Musicals (OFF BROADWAY) Rockwell, Eric/Bogart, Joanne/Fols, Craig/George, Lovette JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
My Fair Lady (MUSIC THEATRE) McCowen, Alec/Olafimihan, Tinuke TER Price: $18.95
My Fair Lady (STUDIO) McCowen, Alec/Olafimihan, Tinuke JAY RECORDS Price: $38.95
My Fair Lady (2001 LONDON CAST) Pryce, Jonathan/McCutcheon, Martine/Waterman, Dennis FIRST NIGHT S Price: $18.95
My Fair Lady (remastered + 2 bonus tracks) (ORIGINAL BROADWAY (remastered)) Andrews, Julie/Harrison, Rex COLUMBIA Price: $11.95
My Fair Lady (remastered) (LONDON) Andrews, Julie/Harrison, Rex COLUMBIA Price: $12.95
My Fair Lady - 20th Anniv. - (ORIGINAL CAST) Andreas, Christine COLUMBIA Price: $30.00
My Favorite Broadway - The Leading Ladies Various Artists HYBRID Price: $11.95
My Favorite Year (BROADWAY) Curry, Tim/Pappas, Evan RCA Price: $16.95
My Home Town Girl (Louis Hisch) 2010 Cast Recording OPERETTA ARCHIVES Price: $18.95
My Life with Albertine (OFF BROADWAY) Kimball, Chad/O'Hara, Kelli/Skinner, Emily PS CLASSICS Price: $17.95
My Mother Has 4 Noses - Off-Broadway (Jonatha Brooke) Price: $15.95
My One and Only (BROADWAY) Twiggy/Tune, Tommy ATLANTIC Price: $34.00
My Square Laddie and Other Songs Walker, Nancy SEPIA Price: $15.95
My Vaudeville Man (Off-Broadway Cast Recording) SH-K-BOOM RECORDS Price: $15.95
The Mystery Of Edwin DROOD (2012 Broadway Cast) 2 CDs Rivera, Chita DRG Price: $19.95
Myths and Hymns (STUDIO) McDonald, Audra/Patinkin, Mandy/Porter, Billy ELEKTRA/NONESUCH Price: $18.95

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