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Title Artist Label Price
Jack The Ripper 1974 London cast cd STAGE DOOR RECORDS Price: $16.95
The Jackal (AUSTRALIAN STUDIO CAST) Iannotti, Lorenzo/Rowe, Normie/Waters, John DRESS CIRCLE Price: $21.95
Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (LONDON REVIVAL 1995) Cahill, Michael/Egan, Alison JAY RECORDS Price: $38.95
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (OFF BROADWAY 2006) Marshall, Gay/Cuccioli, Robert/Diaz, Natascia SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $18.95
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (remastered) (OFF BROADWAY (remastered)) Stone, Elly/Shuman, Mort/Elliott, Shawn/Whitfield, Alice COLUMBIA Price: $11.95
Jamaica (BROADWAY) Horne, Lena/Montalban, Ricardo RCA VICTOR Price: $34.50
Jamaica / Porgy and Bess Horne, Lena COLLECTABLES Price: $14.95
Jane Eyre BBC Opera (Berkeley-Malouf) 2 CDs CHANDOS Price: $19.95
Jane Eyre - The Musical (London) Broadway Theatre Production PRESTIGE ELITE Price: $39.95
Jane Eyre: The Musical (BROADWAY) Schaffel, Maria/Barbour, James SONY Price: $17.95
Jeanne La Pucelle (5 Tracks) (FRENCH) Simard, Rene/Berard. Judith GUY CLOUTIER Price: $18.95
Jeanne(Joan of Arc) 80s London cast STAGE DOOR RECORDS Price: $18.95
Jeeves (Webber-Ayckbourn) Rare London Cast 1968 LP Price: $75.99
Jekyll & Hyde (BROADWAY) Cuccioli, Robert/Eder, Linda ATLANTIC Price: $18.95
Jekyll & Hyde 2012 - Consantine Marcollis-Cox Price: $17.95
Jekyll & Hyde Resurrection (NEW STUDIO) Evan, Rob/Shindle, Kate/Burkhardt, Brandi KOCH Price: $17.95
The Jello Is Always Red (OFF-BROADWAY) Clark, Winston/Gentry, Celia/Young, Neal HARBINGER Price: $15.95
Jennie (BROADWAY) Martin, Mary/Wallace, George RCA Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $14.95
You Save: $2.00 (12%)
JEROME KERN - A Song Parade through the years (Comic Opera Guild) Kern, Jerome Comic Opera Guild Price: $17.95
Jerome Kern Goes to Hollywood (LONDON) Delmar, Elaine/Robertson, Liz FIRST NIGHT S Price: $14.95
Jerry Springer - The Opera (2003 LONDON LIVE) Brandon, Michael/Porritt, Guy/Bedella, David SONY Price: $38.95
Jerry's Girls (ROYAL POINCIANA 1984) Channing, Carol/Uggams, Leslie JAY RECORDS Price: $24.95
Jersey Boys (BROADWAY) Young, John Lloyd/Hoff, Christian/Reichard, Daniel RHINO Price: $18.95
Jesus Christ Superstar (BROADWAY) Vereen, Ben/Elliman, Yvonne MCA Price: $29.95
Jesus Christ Superstar (ORIGINAL CONCEPT REMASTERED) Gillan, Ian/Head, Murray/Elliman, Yvonne MCA Price: $32.95
Jesus Christ Superstar (ORIGINAL BROADWAY) Vereen, Ben/Elliman, Yvonne DECCA Price: $14.95
Jesus Christ Superstar (All Star Cast) (STUDIO ) Willetts, Dave/Rowe, Clive/Van Randwyck, Issy JAY RECORDS Price: $38.95
Jill Sobule Sings Prozak and the Platypus Price: $16.95
Jimmy (as in NYC's Mayor James J. Walker) Original Broadway Cast (Frank Gorshin and Julie Wilson) Wilson, Julie Price: $19.45
John & Jen (OFF BROADWAY) Carmello, Carolee/Ludwig, James FYNSWORTH ALLEY Price: $39.95
John and Jen(Lippa) 2015 Kate Baldwin Price: $17.95
John Murray Anderson's Almanac (STUDIO) Gingold, Hermione/Ritchard, Cyril DRG Price: $16.95
John Paul Jones (SCOTLAND 2001) Dickson, James/Young, Jane C. FREEDOM COMPANY Price: $18.95
Johnny Guitar - The Musical (OFF BROADWAY) McLane, Judy/Blanchard, Steve/Crumb, Ann/Evan, Robert ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
The Johnny Mercer Jamboree Mercer, Johnny ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $16.95
Johnny The Priest (and more!) (Cast Recording) CD MUST CLOSE SATURDAY Price: $17.95
Jolson & Company (ORIGINAL OFF-BROADWAY CAST) Hanan, Stephen Mo ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
Jolson: The Musical (LONDON) Conley, Brian FIRST NIGHT S Price: $8.95
Jorrcks London David heneker plus rare studio cast cdr Price: $18.95
Jouet (AUSTIN, TX) McCall, Meredith ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
Journey to The Center of The Earth (STUDIO) Anderson, Christopher/McGonnigal, Jamie ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
Joyce Grenfell Requests the Pleasure (LONDON) Grenfell, Joyce SEPIA Price: $15.95
Joyful Noise (John Raitt) Broadway Cast CD Raitt, John BLUE PEAR Price: $24.95
A Joyful Noise Price: $24.95
Julie Wilson in London ...with Friends - Kiss Me Kate / Bet Your Life Wilson, Julie SEPIA Price: $15.95
Jung at Heart (ORIGINAL CAST) Byrd/Segars ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
Juno (BROADWAY) Booth, Shirley/Douglas, Melvyn FYNSWORTH ALLEY Price: $89.95
Just So (LONDON) Barrowman, John FIRST NIGHT Price: $24.95

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