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Title Artist Label Price
Hair (BROADWAY) Ragni, Gerome/Rado, James/Moore, Melba/Keaton, Diane RCA Price: $14.95
Hair (AUSTRALIAN) Mancuso, Sam/Tyler, Larry FESTIVAL Price: $24.95
Hair (1992 AUSTRALIAN) Argue, David/Bennett, Nikki/Carrafa, Nick BAYVIEW Price: $16.95
Hair - Deluxe Collector's Edition (remastered w/bonus tracks) (OFF BROADWAY 1967/BROADWAY 1968 DELUXE EDITION) Ragni, Gerome/Rado, James/Moore, Melba/Keaton, Diane VICTOR Price: $24.95
Hair - The Actors' Fund of America Benefit Recording (2004 BENEFIT RECORDING) White, Lillias/Fierstein, Harvey/Porter, Billy/Callaway, Liz SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $18.95
Hair / Fresh Hair - Galt Mcdermot - Gerome Ragni & James Rado (LONDON 1968, 1970) Nicholas, Paul/Vincent, Edward, J. DECCA Price: $18.95
Hair 2009 Broadway Cast SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $15.95
Hairspray (BROADWAY) Winokur, Marissa Jaret & Fierstein, Harvey SONY Price: $18.95
Half a Sixpence (BROADWAY) Steele, Tommy BMG Price: $15.95
Half a Sixpence originial british demos Stage door Price: $16.95
Half A Sixpence(Heneker-Drew Stiles)2016 london Price: $17.95
Half-Past Wednesday - The New Musical Version Of Rumpelstiltskin arkivmusic Price: $17.95
Hallelujah, Baby! (BROADWAY) Uggams, Leslie/Hooks, Robert/Case, Allen SONY Price: $14.95
Hamilton 2 cd entire show cast ATLANTIC Price: $26.95
Hamlet! The Musical (Cast Recording) Price: $24.95
Hands On A Hardbody - Broadway Cast (Keith Carradine) SH-K-BOOM RECORDS Price: $16.95
Hank Williams: Lost Highway FYNSWORTH ALLEY Price: $16.95
Hannah...1939 (OFF BROADWAY) Wilson/Thomsen JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
Hansel & Gretel- Yeoman Of Guard TV Cook, Barbara SEPIA List Price: $17.95
Price: $15.95
You Save: $2.00 (11%)
Hansel&Gretel(Roberts) ortiginal cast muscal 2014 Price: $17.95
The Happiest Girl In The World Ritchard, Cyril/Rule, Janice DRG Price: $27.95
Happy Days (PAPER MILL PLAYHOUSE) Bradshaw, Natalie/Buonopane, Todd/Burrows, Julia PS CLASSICS Price: $19.95
Happy End (SAN FRANCISCO 2006) Macon, Peter/Willis, Jack/Cohn, Charlotte SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $18.95
Happy Hunting (BROADWAY 1956) Merman, Ethel/Lamas, Fernando DRG Price: $17.95
A Hard Time to Be Single (OFF-BROADWAY) Victor, Larry/Kirker, Janet ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $13.95
Hard Times (LONDON) Blessed/Hudd FIRST NIGHT S Price: $11.95
Harmony Close 1957 London Bernard Cribbins Price: $18.95
Hats! (DENVER 2006) Alexander, Leslie/Braden, Miche/Franz, Joy SIBLING MUSIC Price: $22.95
Have A Heart - Kern, Wodehouse (2005 Comic Opera Guild Cast) 2-CDs Kern, Jerome Comic Opera Guild Price: $22.95
Hazel Flagg (ORIGINAL BROADWAY) Gallagher, Helen/Mitchell, Thomas/Venuta, Benay SEPIA Price: $15.95
Heading East (PREMIERE ) Ma, Jason/Montalban, Paolo/Lee, Ming ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
Heat Lightning (STUDIO) Griggs, George/Hudson, Pamela/Diaz, Zulma ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
Heathers (O'Keefe/Murphy) Original Off-Broadway Cast Crivello, Anthony YELLOW SOUND Price: $16.95
Hedwig and The Angry Inch (OFF BROADWAY) Mitchell, John Cameron/Shor, Miriam/Cheater ATLANTIC Price: $17.95
Hedwig and The Angry Inch - Original Broadway Cast Recording (starring Neil Patrick Harris) Neil Patrick Harris ATLANTIC Price: $16.95
Hedwig And The Angy Inch- Australian Cast Price: $24.95
Hello Again (LINCOLN CENTER) Blazer, Judy/Carmello, Carolee RCA Price: $16.95
Hello Dolly Merman live 1970 Price: $18.95
Hello Dolly Bette Midler 2017 cast Price: $15.95
Hello Dolly. Mary Martin cast plus Martha Raye & Phyllis Diller Cdr Price: $18.95
Hello, Dolly (Mary Martin) London Cast Martin, Mary arkivmusic Price: $19.95
Hello, Dolly! (1994 REVIVAL) Channing, Carol/Garner, Jay VARESE SARABANDE Price: $16.95
Hello, Dolly! (BROADWAY) Channing, Carol/Burns, David RCA Price: $16.95
Hello, Dolly! (Broadway Deluxe Collector's Edition) (ORIGINAL BROADWAY + 13 Bonus Tracks) Channing, Carol/Burns, David RCA VICTOR Price: $18.95
Hello, Dolly! - 1967 Broadway Cast (Pearl Bailey) (BROADWAY) Bailey, Pearl/Calloway, Cab arkivmusic Price: $19.95
Henry, Sweet Henry (BROADWAY) Ameche, Don/Bruce, Carol VARESE Price: $44.95
Her First Roman (BROADWAY) Kiley, Richard/Uggams, Lesley LOCKETT-PALMER Price: $16.95
Her Highness The Prince (Rare Offenbach!) NEW from The Comic Opera Guild! (Single Disc SONGS ONLY Version) 1-CD-R Jacques Offenbach Comic Opera Guild Price: $18.95
Her Highness The Prince - 2-CD-R VERSION INCLUDING ALL THE DIALOGUE FROM THE SHOW! (Comic Opera Guild) 2-CD-R Petiet, Tom/Offenbach, Jacques Comic Opera Guild Price: $26.95
Her Regiment (Victor Herbert) Comic Opera Guild - 2007 Herbert, Victor Comic Opera Guild Price: $17.95
Here Lies Love (Imelda Marcos Musical) 2-CDs - David Byrne/Fat Boy Slim Byrne, David Price: $17.95
Here Lies Love: The Imelda Marcos Musical 2-CDS (David Byrne/Fat Boy Slim) Byrne, David NONESUCH Price: $27.95
Here's Love (Original Broadway Cast) (BROADWAY) Paige, Janis/Stevens, Craig/Naismith, Laurence arkivmusic Price: $24.95
Herringbone starring B.D. Wong (on 2-CDs) Yellow Sound Wong, B.D. YELLOW SOUND Price: $21.95
Hey Mister! Thinking Tractor? - The Music from Ford Tractor 1959, 1960, 1964 Various Artists ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $21.95
Hey, Love (The Songs of Mary Rodgers) (NY CABARET) Prince, Faith/Waldrop, Mark/Workman, Jason FYNSWORTH ALLEY Price: $17.95
High Button Shoes Silvers, Phil/Fabray, Nanette RCA Price: $44.50
Sale Price: $33.38
You Save: $11.12 (25%)
High Button Shoes Full score with 7 more songs Price: $18.95
High Fidelity (BROADWAY) Chase, Will/Colella, Jenn/Anderson, Christian SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $18.95
High Jinks (Rudolf Friml) 2006 Comic Opera Guild Recording Friml, Rudolf Comic Opera Guild Price: $21.95
High Society (BROADWAY) Errico/Mcmartin DRG Price: $16.95
Highlights from Evita (BROADWAY HIGHLIGHTS) Lupone, Patti/Patinkin, Mandy DECCA Price: $18.95
Highlights From Jekyll & Hyde (CONCEPT) Eder, Linda/Wilkinson, Colm RCA VICTOR Price: $16.95
Highlights from Napoleon: A New Musical (LONDON) Baker, Paul/Barzee, Anastasia/Crosier, Jody/Ingram, Sarah FIRST NIGHT S Price: $39.95
Hillbrow (ORIGINAL LONDON 2004) Angiama, Charles/Dorgu, Tupele/Garwood, Chris MUST CLOSE SATURDAY Price: $25.95
Himself and Nora (starring Matt Bogart) 2013 NYC Cast (CD) JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
His Monkey Wife/Alladin(Sandy Wilson) London cds Price: $18.95
His Name Was Freedom (OMAHA 2001) Javitch, Karen/Cole, Krissy/Sanchez, Cory ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
HMS Pinafore (LONDON 1999 REVIVAL) Sandison, Gordon/Mcveigh, Tom/Boe, Alfred TER Price: $32.95
HMS Pinafore (New Sadler's Wells Production) Grace, Nickolas/Sandison, Gordon/Ormiston, Linda JAY RECORDS Price: $38.95
Hockey: The Musical! (Original 2010 Toronto Cast Recording) Price: $15.95
Hold on to your Hats - Cast Album - Grimes, Dearie and Gallagher Price: $18.95
Holiday in Plaid (Plaid Tidings) Graae, Jason/Prince, Faith/Binnoto, Paul FYNSWORTH ALLEY Price: $16.95
Holiday Inn ( Berlin) 2017 broadway cast Price: $17.95
Hollywood Party (STUDIO) Rosenblatt, Barbara/Daws, Robert BAYVIEW Price: $13.95
Holmes (Disney Institute Performance Center) Vaughn, Kevin/Life, Gary R./Riehle, Sue Concept Price: $18.95
Holmes! (CONCEPT) Vaughn, Kevin/Life, Gary R./Riehle, Sue Price: $29.95
Honeymoon in Vegas(Jason Brown) Broadway cast Price: $16.95
Honk! (SCARBOROUGH) McLean, Michael/Marks, Kristin DRESS CIRCLE Price: $28.95
Honk! (WICHITA) Marks, Arthur W./Hofflander, Susan/Prince, Josh/Ruprecht, David MTW Price: $22.95
Honk! - The Original Demo Recording (1997 DEMO) Riding, Jo/Rowe, Clive/Russell, Jenna FIRST NIGHT Price: $18.95
Honky-Tonk Highway (OFF/STUDIO) Bennett/Steiner BOEBE Price: $16.95
Horray For Daisy! - London Cast Recording (CD) MUST CLOSE SATURDAY Price: $17.95
Hot Flashes (OREGON) Finn, Kate/Knorr, Sharon/McPartland, Marvella ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
Hot Mikado (LONDON 1995) Hamilton, Lawrence/Lehman, Ross FIRST NIGHT S Price: $15.95
Hot September: A New Musical [Boston, Live, 1965] Based on Inge's PICNIC. BLUE PEAR Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $27.95
You Save: $12.00 (30%)
Hot Shoe Shuffle (LONDON) Bennett/Doubtfire PLAYBACK Price: $18.95
Hot Spot-Mary Rodgers&Martin Charnin live Bwdy Judy Holliday1965 Price: $18.95
The Hotel Casablanca (UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY OPERA THEATER 2007) Diltz, Darla/Hawkins, Brandy Lynn/Baker, David ALBANY Price: $16.95
House of Flowers (BROADWAY) Bailey, Pearl COLUMBIA Price: $22.95
House Of Flowers 1968 off Broadway cast Price: $18.95
The Housewives Cantata (OFF) Chelsi/Meyers ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $9.95
How Now, Dow Jones (BROADWAY) Roberts, Anthony/Mason, Marlyn/Vaccaro, Brenda arkivmusic Price: $19.95
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Broadway Cast Recording) SONY Price: $16.95
How To Save the World and Find True Love in 90 Minutes (OFF BROADWAY) McEachran, Michael/Larsen, Anika/Snelson, Nicole Ruth ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (50th Anniversary Broadway Cast Recording) Daniel Radcliffe Price: $16.95
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying - Deluxe Collector's Edition (remastered w/bonus tracks) (ORIGINAL BROADWAY DELUXE EDITION) Morse, Robert/Vallee, Rudy VICTOR Price: $18.95
How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying! (BROADWAY REVIVAL) Broderick, Matthew/Carroll, Ronn/Freeman, Jonathan RCA Price: $16.95
How To Suceed In Business Without Really Trying - Nick Jonas - 5 Song EP Price: $12.99
How To Talk Minnesotan - The Winter Musical (MINNESOTA 1999) Batdorf, Karen/Carey, David/Drake, Tim ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
How To Talk Minnesotan: Winter Musical (Cast Recording) Price: $16.95
Human Comedy (BROADWAY) Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth/Smith, Rex ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $24.95
Hunchback of Notre Dame ( ) Light-Orr/Phillips GUAYAQUIL Price: $15.95
Hunchback Of Notre Dame(Papermill)Menken-Schwartz Price: $16.95
The Hunting of The Snark (STUDIO) Daltry, Roger/Gielgud, Sir John/Garfunkel, Art FIRST NIGHT S Price: $50.00

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