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Title Artist Label Price
Galavant TV songs(Menken-Slater) Price: $17.95
Galilei Rockopera - Artur Labermaier - Ben Ohmart (GERMAN (SUNG IN ENGLISH)) Theil, Markus/Menne, Christian MOVE Price: $18.95
Gaudi: Das Musical (Eric Woolfson) (GERMANY) Cashmore/Knapp WEA Price: $78.95
GAUGUIN / Savage Light (NEW YORK) Nardone, Jeff/Dynan, Kelly/Sanchez, Jennifer ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
The Gay 90's Musical (LOS ANGELES) Anderson, Jamie/Nishimura, Deborah FYNSWORTH ALLEY Price: $18.95
The Gay Life (remastered) (BROADWAY (remastered)) Chiari, Walter/Cook, Barbara DRG Price: $24.95
Gay Nineties Musical: Looking Back...Moving On (OFF-BROADWAY) Anderson/Hutton VARESE SARABANDE Price: $16.95
Gay's the Word (ORIGINAL LONDON) Courtneidge/Webb, Lizbeth/Walters, Thorley BAYVIEW Price: $12.95
Gay's The Word (Novello) 2012 UK Cast Price: $18.95
Generica: A Musical Comedy Price: $16.95
Genius Famous - EXCLUSIVE (2005 FRINGE NYC) Alboum, Evan/Dunatov, Lara Jane/Easley, Jesse NO LABEL Price: $21.95
A Gentleman's Guide To Love & Murder (2014 Original Broadway Cast Recording) SH-K-BOOM RECORDS Price: $15.85
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (BROADWAY) Channing, Carol/Adair, Yvonne SONY Price: $14.95
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1995 BROADWAY REVIVAL) Sullivan, K.T./Prunzik, Karen DRG Price: $11.95
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (London Cast Recording) Dora Bryan SEPIA Price: $15.95
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - 2012 Encore Cast Hilty, Megan SONY Price: $16.95
George M! (Original Broadway Cast) OOP! 1 Copy In Stock! (BROADWAY) Grey, Joel/Grove, Betty Ann COLUMBIA Price: $49.95
George M. Cohan Tonight! (OFF BROADWAY 2006) Peterson, Jon SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $18.95
Get Used to It (NEW YORK STUDIO) Howe, George/MacKenzie, Jamie ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
Ghost Quartet(Dave Malloy) composer of Nathasha Price: $19.95
Ghost: The Musical (Original Cast Recording) Price: $16.95
Giant (LaChiusa) (2012 Cast Recording on 2-CDs) with Brian D'Arcy-James, Kate Baldwin d'Arcy James, Brian/Moran, Martin SH-K-BOOM RECORDS Price: $18.96
Gift Of Magi (Tv Richard Adler) Howes, Sally Ann/Hughes, David FLARE Price: $18.95
The Gift of The Magi and The Last Leaf (STUDIO) Loesser, Emily/Stephenson, Don HARBINGER Price: $16.95
The Gifts Of The Magi (LAMB'S THEATRE, NEW YORK) Stanley, Gordon/Knapp, Sarah Price: $69.95
Gigi (JAZZ STUDIO) Previn, Andre OJC Price: $12.95
Gigi (LONDON 1985) Reid, Beryl/Aumont, Jean-Pierre/Phillips, Sian FIRST NIGHT S Price: $11.95
Gigi 2015 broadway cast Price: $17.95
Gingham Girl(Von Tilzer) 1922 new cdOperetta Archives Price: $18.95
Girl Crazy (NEW YORK STUDIO 1990) Luft, Lorna/Carroll, David ELEKTRA Price: $17.95
Girl Crazy (Remastered w/bonus track) (STUDIO '51) Martin, Mary/Carlyle, Louise SONY Price: $11.95
The Girl From Utah [Jerome Kern] (Comic Opera Guild) Comic Opera Guild Price: $17.95
The Girl I Left Behind Me (starring Jessica Walker) CD (On Original Cast Records) Walker, Jessica OCR CD & DIGITAL List Price: $16.95
Price: $12.95
You Save: $4.00 (24%)
The Girl in Pink Tights (ORIGINAL BROADWAY) Jeanmaire/Goldner, Charles DRG Price: $17.95
Glorious Ones JAY RECORDS List Price: $18.95
Price: $16.95
You Save: $2.00 (11%)
Glory Days Broadway Cast PS CLASSICS Price: $16.95
Go Fly A Kite GE musical Kander Ebb- W Marks 66 cd Price: $18.95
Goblin Market (OFF-BROADWAY) Klausner, Terri/Morrison, Ann JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
God Bless You Mr Rosewater(Menken Ashman)Encore 2016 cast Price: $17.95
Goddess Wheel (Lysitrata) Galt MacDermot [HAIR] CD MacDermot, Galt Price: $17.95
Godspell (LONDON STUDIO 1993) Day, Darren/Barrowman, John JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
Godspell (OFF BROADWAY 1974) Alford, Lamar/Gordon, Peggy ARISTA Price: $15.95
Godspell (OFF-BROADWAY 2000) Bean, Shoshana/Cain, Tim FYNSWORTH ALLEY Price: $29.95
Godspell - New Brodway Cast Recording SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $15.95
Godspell - Stephen Schwartz (NATIONAL TOURING CAST 2001) Buonopane, Todd/Carney, Joe DRG Price: $16.95
Going to Pot: The Reefer Madness Musical (PORTLAND, OREGON) Kauffman, Jeffrey/Cowan, Russ KEY TO CHI Price: $15.95
Going Up (Louis Hirsch) New L.A. Cast Recording (CD) Hirsch OPERETTA ARCHIVES Price: $17.95
Golden Apple (Original 1954 Cast Recording) (Kaye Ballard - Jack Whiting) (BROADWAY) Gillette, Priscilla/Ballard, Kaye RCA Price: $16.95
Golden Apple( moross) 2014 2 cds complete PS CLASSICS Price: $18.95
Golden Boy (BROADWAY 1964) Davis Jr., Sammy/Daniels, Billy DRG Price: $13.95
Golden Boy Of The Blue Ridge (Peter Mills) 2009 Cast Price: $15.95
Golden Rainbow (BROADWAY) Lawrence, Steve/Gorme, Eydie GL Price: $49.95
Goldilocks (Original 1958 Broadway Cast) Elaine Stritch (BROADWAY) Ameche, Don/Stritch, Elaine SONY Price: $11.95
Golf: The Musical (Off-Broadway Cast Recording) OOP! (OFF BROADWAY) Blum, Joel/Rapier, Trisha/Sutton, Christopher ERIC KREBS Price: $24.95
Good Morning Dearie (Jerome Kern) Comic Opera Guild Kern, Jerome Comic Opera Guild Price: $17.95
Good News (2-CD-R Set) (with artwork and playlist.) (BROADWAY) Faye, Alice/Payne, John/Kaye, Stubby Price: $195.00
Sale Price: $24.95
You Save: $170.05 (87%)
Good News! (STUDIO) Huber, Kim/Morrison, Ann JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
Good Ol' Girls (New York Cast) Sally Mayes - Teri Ralston Ralston, Teri Price: $16.95
The Good Old Bad Old Days! Newley, Anthony KRITZERLAND List Price: $19.95
Price: $18.95
You Save: $1.00 (5%)
Good Rockin' Tonite! (LONDON) Bird/Caryl FIRST NIGHT S Price: $11.95
The Goodbye Girl (LONDON) Wilmot, Gary/Crumb, Ann FIRST NIGHT S Price: $18.95
Goodbye Mr. Chips (ENGLAND) Mills/Gleeson JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
Goodtime Charley (BROADWAY) Grey, Joel/Reinking, Ann arkivmusic Price: $19.95
Gospel Is...! (OFF BROADWAY) Lewis, Tonya/Copeland, Darryl/Peoples, Sissy REACH Price: $15.95
Goya (1991) Hernandez, Cesar/Guzman, Suzanna/Wentzel, Andrew NUOVA ERA Price: $27.95
Goys and Dolls (Guys and Dolls) (STUDIO) Cooper, Darice/Ellis, Marc/Ellis, Sheila/Simoff, Paul SILLY MUSIC Price: $14.95
Grab Me a Gondola (LONDON 1956) Heal, Joan/Quilley, Denis/Wenham, Jane SEPIA Price: $15.95
Grafin Mariza/die Csardasfurst [Import] Highlights List Price: $18.95
Price: $13.95
You Save: $5.00 (26%)
Grail - The Rock Musical of The Future - Bob Christianson - Cappy Capossela (2cd) (STUDIO) Paige, Jason/Ramos, Sophia/Nolte, Bill CHRISTANSON & CAPOSSELA Price: $21.95
Grand Hotel (Original Broadway Cast Recording) Michael Jeter/David Carroll (BROADWAY) Montevecchi, Liliane/Akers, Karen RCA Price: $16.95
The Grand Tour (BROADWAY) Grey, Joel/Holgate, Rob/Lacey, Florence arkivmusic Price: $34.95
The Grandma Moses Suite/Blues Opera (INSTRUMENTAL) Kostelanetz, Andre DRG Price: $23.95
The Grapes of Wrath (MINNESOTA OPERA 2007) Leehuber, Brian/Kaduce, Kelly/Meek, Deanne PS CLASSICS Price: $39.95
Grass Harp (Broadway Cast) and Lola PAINTED SMILES Price: $19.95
Grease (BROADWAY) Bostwick, Barry/Demas, Carole/Barbeau, Adrienne POLYGRAM Price: $9.95
Grease (BROADWAY REVIVAL) O'Donnell/Harris RCA Price: $18.95
Grease (LONDON STUDIO) Barrowman, John/Lindsay, Shona TER Price: $22.95
Grease (NEW BROADWAY 2007) Osnes, Laura/Crumm, Max SONY Price: $18.95
Great American Backstage Musical (LOS ANGELES) Kruger, Gaye/Clark, Jerry AEI Price: $34.95
The Great American Trailer Park Musical (OFF-BROADWAY 2004) Grandy, Marya/Hart, Linda/Hensley, Shuler SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $18.95
Great Expectations (ENGLAND) Day/Corcoran TER Price: $15.95
The Great Waltz (CIVIC LIGHT OPERA 1965) Tozzi, Giorgio/Fenn, Jean/Porretta, Frank DRG Price: $23.95
The Green Room (LOS ANGELES) Volpe, Karen/Gronfield, Kirsten/Killoran, Patrick ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
Greenwich - The Musical Price: $22.00
Greenwillow (BROADWAY) Perkins, Anthony/Kellaway, Cecil DRG Price: $29.95
Grey Gardens (2006 OFF BROADWAY) Ebersole, Christine/Wilson, Mary Louise PS CLASSICS Price: $18.95
Grey Gardens (NEW BROADWAY VERSION) Ebersole, Christine/Wilson, Mary Louise PS CLASSICS Price: $18.95
Grind (BROADWAY) Vereen, Ben/Jones, Leilani JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
Grind (BROADWAY) Vereen, Ben/Jones, Leilani TER Price: $22.95
Groucho - A Life in Revue (OFF BROADWAY) Ferrante, Frank ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $27.95
Groundhog Day(Minchin) andy Karl 2017 cast Price: $16.95
Gunmetal Blues (LAGUNA BEACH) Rockwell, Jeffrey/Lore, Tracy/Barnicle, Andrew LML Price: $16.95
Gutenberg! The Musical (Original Cast Recording ) CD Christopher Fitzgerald/Jeremy Shamos PS CLASSICS Price: $16.95
Guys and Dolls (BROADWAY REVIVAL) Prince/Lane RCA Price: $16.95
Guys and Dolls (LONDON STUDIO) Loesser/Edelman JAY RECORDS Price: $38.95
Guys and Dolls (50th ANNIVERSARY CAST) Hines, Maurice/Foucard, Alexandra DRG Price: $14.95
Guys and Dolls (KARAOKE) STAGE STARS Price: $29.95
Guys and Dolls (Remastered w/4 bonus tracks) (BROADWAY) Alda, Robert/Blaine, Vivian/Levene, Sam DECCA Price: $18.95
Guys and Dolls - Frank Loesser (STUDIO) Raines, Ron/Criswell, Kim/Loesser, Emily/Bickley, Graham/Stephenson, Don JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
Guys On Ice (1999 AMERICAN FOLKLORE THEATRE) Alley, Fred/Mancheski, Doug/Valcq, James ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
Gypsy (LONDON) Lansbury, Angela/Ingham, Barrie RCA Price: $16.95
Gypsy (MEXICAN CAST) Pinal, Silvia/Guzman, Alejandra GEA Price: $26.95
Sale Price: $22.95
You Save: $4.00 (15%)
Gypsy (NEW BROADWAY CAST) Peters, Bernadette/Blanchard, Tammy/Dossett, John ANGEL Price: $17.95
Gypsy (Digitally Remastered w/ Bonus Tracks) (BROADWAY) Merman, Ethel/Klugman, Jack COLUMBIA Price: $11.95
Gypsy - Hits You Can Sing Too! (KARAOKE) STAGE STARS/POCKET SONGS Price: $24.95
Gypsy - Tyne daly broadway cast Daly, Tyne/Hadary, Jonathan/Moore, Crista Price: $15.95
Gypsy 2015 Lomdon Cast FIRST NIGHT Price: $17.95

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