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Title Artist Label Price
A...My Name Will Always Be Alice (Cast Recording) Songs from A...My Name Is Alice & A...My Name Is Still Alice (CD and Digital Download!) (NY STUDIO) Howard, Cheryl/Walsh, Barbara OCR CD & DIGITAL Price: $14.95
The Abel Meeropol Centennial Concert (2003 CONCERT) Williams, Helene/Mercer, Gregory ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $16.95
Abie's Island Rose-NY Cast MacRae, Heather ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS List Price: $16.95
Price: $14.95
You Save: $2.00 (12%)
Ace of Clubs (LONDON) Kirkwood, Pat/Payn, Graham/Cecil, Sylvia BAYVIEW Price: $16.95
The Act (BROADWAY) Minnelli, Liza/Nelson, Barry DRG Price: $9.95
Actor's Scene Unseen: Jack - The Musical, The Ripper Pursued Price: $16.95
Adding Machine PS CLASSICS Price: $19.95
Adrift in Macao (OFF BROADWAY) Campbell, Alan/de Benedet, Rachel/Mendoza, Orville LML Price: $15.95
The Adventures of Maya The Bee (NEW JERSEY LIVE '98) Harrow, Nancy/Sherman, Daryl/Tate, Grady HARBINGER Price: $9.95
Africa Plumbridge (STUDIO) Freeman, Janeece Aisha/Mugleston, Linda/Michals, William ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $28.95
African Footprint (SOUTH AFRICA) Carter, Richard/Matamela, David FIRST NIGHT N Price: $18.95
After The Ball (LONDON) Ellis, Mary/Lee, Vanessa/Graves, Peter SEPIA Price: $15.95
After the Ball (2005 IRISH REPERTORY THEATRE) Widdoes, Kathleen/Illes, Mary/Huxhold, Kristin/Carlin, Paul KRITZERLAND Price: $18.95
After The Fair (OFF BROADWAY) Pawk, Michele/Piech, Jennifer/Ludwig, James/Staller, David FYNSWORTH ALLEY Price: $14.95
After You Mr Hyde live cdr 1968 Goodspeed Alfred Drake Nancy Dussault Price: $0.95
Ain't Broadway Grand(Leigh-Adams Bwdy cast Price: $16.95
Ain't Doin' Nothin' But Singin' My Song (STUDIO) Page, Sarah Cole ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $4.95
Ain't Misbehavin' (BROADWAY) Carter/Deshields RCA Price: $24.95
Ain't Misbehavin' - The FATS WALLER Musical (2-CDs Complete Recording) Ruben Studdard RHINO Price: $28.95
Ain't Misbehavin' - The Fats Waller Musical Show (LONDON '95) Shell, Ray/Bishop, Debby FIRST NIGHT S Price: $14.95
Airheart - The Royal Crown Players (Original Cast Recording) Price: $17.95
Aladdin (Original 2014 Broadway Cast) Alan Menken/Howard Ashman Menken, Alan/Ashman, Howard DISNEY Price: $16.95
Aladdin (Original London Cast) / Cinderella (Studio Cast) SEPIA Price: $16.95
Algeria (Victor Herbert) 2-CDs (2006 Comic Opera Guild) Comic Opera Guild Price: $21.95
Alice and the Eight Princesses (Victor Herbert) Comic Opera Guild Recording on 2-CDs Comic Opera Guild Price: $22.95
Alice In Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass (ORIGINAL BROADWAY 1947) Le Gallienne, Eva/Linn, Bambi/Windom, William MUST CLOSE SATURDAY Price: $25.95
Alice in Wonderland A Jazz Musical (Ezra Weiss) NWCTS/PORTLAND JAZZ Price: $27.95
All aboard train musical by Al tapper 2016 off Broadway cast Price: $14.95
All American (BROADWAY) Bolger, Ray/Herlie, Eileen SONY Price: $11.95
All American 'Live Backers Audition' (Charles Strouse & Lee Adams) (LIVE BACKERS AUDITION 1962) Strouse, Charles/Adams, Lee HARBINGER Price: $15.95
All In Love 1960 Musical great score Urbont-Geller Price: $19.95
The All Night Strut! (ORIGINAL) Flynn, Lori/Kelly, Michael Richard ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
All Shook Up (ORIGINAL BROADWAY) Gambatese, Jenn/Price, Mark/Hadary, Jonathan SONY Price: $18.95
Allegiance mini cast cd Lea Salonga Salonga, Lea Price: $11.95
Allegro (BROADWAY) Battles/Dickey RCA Price: $16.95
Allegro - new 2 cd recording McDonald, Audra SONY List Price: $21.95
Price: $19.25
You Save: $2.70 (12%)
Alligence Broadway cast Lea Solonga Price: $16.95
Alma Cogan in 'Julie' The Musical (Limited Edition CD) STAGE DOOR RECORDS Price: $29.95
Altar Boyz (OFF BROADWAY) Porter, Scott/Maynard, Tyler/Karl, Andy SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $18.95
Amahl and The Night Visitors (LONDON REVIVAL) Haywood, Lorna/Dobson, John/Rainbird, James JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
Amazing Grace 2016 broadway cast cooper Price: $18.95
AMBASADOR London Cast Howard Keel Bonus Keel, Howard Price: $18.95
The Ameer (Herbert) Comic Opera Guild 2 CDs 2009 Herbert, Victor Comic Opera Guild Price: $22.95
Amelia's Journey (STUDIO) ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $18.95
amelie broadway cast Price: $18.95
Amen Corner Bwdy cast(Sherman-Udell)1983 Price: $18.95
America The Beautiful (2cd) (CONNECTICUT) Parrish/Volpintesta SOUNDSCAPE Price: $16.95
American Psycho(Duncan Sheik) london cast Price: $19.95
American Idiot (Original Broadway Cast Recording) featuring Green Day REPRISE Price: $19.95
An American In Paris 2015 broadway cast SONY Price: $15.95
Americans In London 1947-1951 ENCORE Price: $9.99
Amour (ORIGINAL BROADWAY) Gets, Malcolm/Errico, Melissa SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $18.95
Anastasia (NY STUDIO) Kaye, Judy/Cariou, Len/Resnik, Regina ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $14.95
Anastasia 2017 Broadway cast Price: $16.95
And The Waltz Goes On (OFF) Charles/Andersen INTERNATIONAL Price: $15.95
And The World Goes 'Round: The Songs Of Kander & Ebb (OFF BROADWAY) Cuccioli, Bob/Mason, Karen RCA Price: $16.95
And The World Goes Round (NEW! 2-CD Complete Recording of the Show) Kritzerland Limited Edition Kander/Ebb KRITZERLAND Price: $23.95
Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Perfect Year (S.T.A.G.E. Benefit) (2-CDs) Webber, Andrew Lloyd KRITZERLAND Price: $22.95
Androcles And The Lion (Richard Rodgers) TV Soundtrack - 1967 Rodgers, Richard arkivmusic Price: $18.95
Andy Capp - London Cast (Tom Courtenay) STAGE DOOR RECORDS Price: $18.95
Angel (Geld-Udell) 1977 BroadwayCast Price: $18.95
Angel Face - Victor Herbert 2 CDs 2007 Comic Opera Guild Recording Comic Opera Guild Price: $22.95
Ann Veronica(Croft-Orendel) 69 london cd STAGE DOOR RECORDS Price: $17.95
Anna Karenina (STUDIO) Errico, Melissa/d'Arcy James, Brian/Edelman, Gregg LML Price: $16.95
Anna Karenina; The Audio Musical Dallas, Lorna/Burns, Andrea/Carson, Kit/Spivak, Ron LML Price: $19.95
Anne & Gilbert (CANADIAN 2005) McLean, Marla/Deiwick, Peter ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $18.95
Anne of Green Gables (CHARLOTTETOWN FESTIVAL) Cuthbert, Susan/Mawson, Elizabeth/Mews, Peter FATHERS OF CONFEDERATION Price: $24.95
Anne of Green Gables (Cryer- Ford 2008) JAY RECORDS List Price: $18.95
Price: $15.95
You Save: $3.00 (16%)
Anne of Green Gables 1968 London Cast CDr Price: $18.95
Annie (STUDIO) Criswell, Kim/Henshall, Ruthie/Raines, Ron TER Price: $14.95
Annie (KARAOKE) Deely, Jayne/Bradbury Marston, M./Rae, Meredith STAGE STARS/POCKET SONGS Price: $14.95
Annie (2013 Cast Recording with bonus Jane Lynch [GLEE] tracks) Price: $18.95
Annie (remastered + 7 bonus tracks) (BROADWAY) McArdle, Andrea/Shelton, Reid COLUMBIA Price: $12.95
Annie (TV Cast) (DISNEY TV CAST) Bates/Cumming/Mcdonald SONY Price: $17.95
Annie - 30th Anniversary Production (30th ANNIVERSARY PRODUCTION) Burnett, Carol/Struthers, Sally/McArdle, Andrea TIME LIFE Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $14.95
You Save: $10.00 (40%)
Annie Get Your Gun (LINCOLN CENTER) Merman, Ethel/Yarnell, Bruce RCA Price: $16.95
Annie Get Your Gun (LONDON) Quatro, Suzi/Flynn, Eric FIRST NIGHT S Price: $11.95
Annie Get Your Gun (NEW BROADWAY) Peters, Bernadette/Wopat, Tom ANGEL Price: $17.95
Annie Get Your Gun (STUDIO COMPLETE (1996)) Kaye, Judy/Bostwick, Barry JAY RECORDS Price: $29.95
Annie Get Your Gun (1957 NBC LIVE RECORDING) Martin, Mary/Raitt, John BROADWAY ANGEL Price: $11.95
Annie Get Your Gun (LONDON/PARIS/AUSTRALIAN) Johnson, Bill/Gray, Dolores/Fayol, Lily/Hayes, Evie BAYVIEW Price: $11.95
Annie Get Your Gun (remastered + 4 bonus tracks) (BROADWAY) Merman, Ethel/Middleton, Ray DECCA Price: $18.95
Another Kind of Magic - Queen - A Symphonic Spectacular (Concert) Collinson, Dean/Ivory, Paulette/Triplett, Sally Ann JAY RECORDS Price: $38.95
Anya - 1964 Broadway Cast (Wright & Forrest) RARE CD KRITZERLAND Price: $49.95
Anyone Can Whistle (expanded edition) (ORIGINAL BROADWAY (expanded)) Remick, Lee/Lansbury, Angela COLUMBIA Price: $14.95
Anyone Can Whistle: LIVE at Carnegie Hall (NY CONCERT) Lansbury, Angela/Bakula, Scott/Kahn, Madeline/Peters, Bernadette COLUMBIA Price: $24.95
Anything Goes (1989 LONDON) Paige, Elaine/McGillin, Howard FIRST NIGHT S Price: $15.95
Anything Goes (OFF REVIVAL) Rodgers, Eileen/Linden, Hall/Deems, Mickey EPIC Price: $12.95
Anything Goes (BROADWAY REVIVAL) Lupone/Mcgillin RCA Price: $16.95
Anything Goes (2003 NATIONAL THEATRE LONDON) Triplett, Sally Ann/Stockley, Mary/Barrowman, John FIRST NIGHT S Price: $18.95
Anything Goes (INTERNATIONAL) Gold, Louise/Edelman, Gregg/Murphy, Katrina JAY RECORDS Price: $18.95
Anything Goes - 2011 Broadway Cast Recording Foster, Sutton SH-K-BOOM / GHOSTLIGHT Price: $16.95
Anything Goes/The Bandwagon Martin, Mary DRG Price: $9.95
Applause (remastered +4 bonus tracks) (BROADWAY) Bacall, Lauren /Cariou, Len DECCA Price: $18.95
Apple Blossoms Fritz Kreitzler 20s operetta Comic Opera Guild Price: $18.95
The Apple Tree (Original Broadway Tree) Barbara Harris, Alan Alda (BROADWAY) Harris, Barbara/Blyden, Larry/Alda, Alan SONY Price: $39.95
AR Rahman's Bombay Dreams (LONDON) Jaffrey, Raza/Kalidas, Preeya/Dharker, Ayesha SONY Price: $18.95
Arabian Nights Scott, Helena/Herbert, Ralph/Holiday, Hope SEPIA Price: $15.95
Archy and Mehitabel / Carnival of the Animals Channing, Carol/Bracken, Eddie/Wayne, David DRG Price: $24.95
Are We Almost There? (STUDIO) Penn, Rob/Yacap-Zaragoza, Thena/Muhlker, Kristina ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
Are You Lonesome Tonight (LONDON) Shaw FIRST NIGHT S Price: $14.95
Arias with a Twist (OFF OFF BROADWAY) Arias, Joey ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $29.95
The Ark Price: $17.95
Around the World In 80 Days musical(Victor Young-Harold Adamson Price: $19.95
Around the World in Eighty Days - A Musical EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $16.95
Arthur - Excalibur (Frank Wildhorn & Robin Lerner) Original Switzerland Cast 2014 (CD IMPORT) - Sung In German! Wildhorn, Frank HITSQUAD Price: $27.95
As Thousands Cheer (OFF BROADWAY) Chamberlin, Kevin/Kuhn, Judy FYNSWORTH ALLEY Price: $18.95
Aspects of Love (LONDON) Crumb, Ann/Ball, Michael POLYDOR/POLYGRAM Price: $24.95
Assassins (OFF BROADWAY) Garber, Victor/Hadary, Jonathon RCA Price: $18.95
Assassins (2004 BROADWAY) Baker, Becky Ann/Barbour, James/Cantone, Mario PS CLASSICS Price: $17.95
Asylum: The Strange Case of Mary Lincoln (OFF BROADWAY) Page, Carolann/Baker, Bertilla/Cahill, Edwin ORIGINAL CAST RECORDS Price: $17.95
At Home Abroad (BROADWAY) Lillie, Beatrice/Waters, Ethel/Williams, Herb/Powell, Eleanor AEI Price: $34.95
The Athenian Touch (OFF BROADWAY) Marlowe, Marion/Mcqueen, Butterfly AEI Price: $39.95
Avenue Q (BROADWAY) Barnhart, Jennifer/Belcon, Natalie Venetia/D'Abruzzio, Stephanie RCA Price: $18.95
Avenue X (OFF BROADWAY) Hawley, Colette/Alexander, Cheryl/Brunetti, Ted/Leone, John RCA Price: $22.95

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