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Ray Bradbury's 2116: The Musical (Los Angeles Cast)
Composer: Josephson - McLean
Lyricist: Josephson - Mclean

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Product Description
Track Listing:

1. Prologue - Marionette Waltz - Original Studio Cast
2. Forty Years - Lisa Morrice, Steve Josephson
3. Marionettes - David Stoneman, Steve Josephson, Lisa Morrice
4. Cherchez La Femme and IBM - David Stoneman
5. The Order - David Stoneman, Lisa Morrice, Steve Josephson
6. Robot Construction Dance - Original Studio Cast
7. Christmas Comes - Original Studio Cast
8. Needs No Key - David Stoneman
9. She Gently Simmers - Steve Josephson
10. Fresh and Young, Sir - Jessie McLean, Steve Josephson
11. Bedtime Exercise - Jessie McLean
12. I Cook, You Know / Good Grief, Woman, Good Grief / What Shall I Do For You? - Jessie McLean, Steve Josephson, Christian Marriner
13. Forty Years (Reprise) - Epilogue - Steve Josephson, Lisa Morrice, David Stoneman
14. Joyful Anarchy - Steve, Josephson, Lisa Morrice, Christian Marriner, John Hoke, Jessie McLean

Finalist - 'BEST NEW MUSICAL' - 2010 Edinburgh Festival

Reviews from the 2010 Los Angeles Workshop Production:

“…this sweet fable about seeking contentment with one's lot is closer to performance art than traditional dramaturgy. Prodigious use of dance, masks, puppetry, Expressionist stagecraft and John Hoke's lilting melodies lends heft to the familiar theme… but helmer-choreographer Steve Josephson sculpts an attractive troupe of dancers -- equally at home with ballet, Fosse sizzle and hip-hop … everything is danced and acted with considerable wit by Jessie McLean as the Bride-bot. There's visual pleasure aplenty… Hoke's ravishing principal waltz, and explorations with more modern styles, mesh nicely with Bradbury's naively charming lyrics.”
-Bob Verini, Variety
January 18, 2010

“it echoes a sweetness unlike any other and because of a richly talented creative team ‘2116’ becomes the most endearing, artful entry into Bradbury's theatrical collection… John Hoke has created a hauntingly beautiful score to envelop them… like a lovely European cirque or ballet… six dancers, along with the main characters blend magically together.”
-Don Grigware, Broadway World
January 20, 2010

Ray Bradbury´s Gift of Love
“A feast for the eyes, ears, and heart is the World Premiere engagement of the astounding musical play… Developed, Directed, and Choreographed by the uber-talented Steve Josephson… The fantastic costumes designed by Sarah Schuessler. The astounding make-up by Darlene Krantz… Featured also were the delightful Czech Marionettes, so artfully crafted, they needed recognition… Mr. Marionette, played by magnificent baritone, David Stoneman… Lisa Morrice, who plays Mrs. Wycherly, has both an amazing voice and incredible facial movements that captures the older character perfectly… Jessie Mclean plays the Bride-bot with sass and charm.”
- Gayle Bartos-Pool, American Chronicle
January 18, 2010

A spectacular, inspiring new musical!
“These sleek, muscled, and shapely "dancer-bots" are breathtaking in their form and athletic skill. They mesmerize the audience with their fluid or syncopated movements and alternative interpretations of both modern dance and hip-hop. It is stunning choreography masterfully performed! "2116" is a sparkling new jewel in Ray Bradbury´s crown of stories and plays, as amazing and memorable as the Hope Diamond. A fantastical, feel-good, musical not to be missed.”
- Jackie Houchin, California Chronicle
January 22, 2010

“A ‘wildly entertaining winner!’… This visually stunning and quirky story mesmerizes the audience throughout, as the beauty, loyalty and wonder of the depth of love between a man and a woman… A romantic gem in these fast-paced, fleetingly unsure times… This whimsical musical, presented in a surreal European style, felt like a cerebral “Cirque du Soleil” of the heart and soul. Under the mystical and magical direction and eye-popping choreography of Steve Josephson, a mesmerizing and gifted cast takes us on an exciting journey! Amazing dancers/vocalists… all their energy was electric!... music by John Hoke, blended nicely in offering nearly a dozen entertaining and fun songs. Kudos also go to the “behind the scenes” wizards! This is an ingenious, expertly-written, performed and produced production, folks—suitable for all ages. It will make you “smile” non-stop and leave you wanting more… Do catch it!”
-Pat Taylor, The Tolucan Times
January 20, 2010

An Age Old but Futuristic Tale
“the message it delivers is just as powerful today… it was stunningly performed and the acting and dancing were superb… This is indeed a show worthy of the creative majesty of Ray Bradbury and short as it is, shines on its own. “
-Serita Stevens, LA Splash Magazine Worldwide
Chicago Spalsh Magazine Worldwide
Atlanta Splash Magazine Worldwide

“the production proves sweet and sometimes fascinating, and often is a visual treat… developer / director / choreographer / performer Steve Josephson has amassed a small but impressive troupe who handles his surreal staging well, and give the plot a bit more zing… it is given a lovely wrapping… Aided by airy dancers who later become robots at his factory, Josephson's Mr. Marionette brings an ethereal quality to this circus-like setting… Lisa Morrice provides the rather puppet-like protagonist, singing the new songs with authority and sweeping into the action with marionette-like grace… The music by John Hoke proves as sweet as the general atmosphere. The lyrics and book, by Bradbury with additional material from director Josephson, satisfy in the moment… Upon leaving the theater, there was a sense of satisfaction for a neatly drawn tale done with creativity and a sense of the visual. It may have been short, but it was very pleasant… a nice, and hopeful, break from the routine.”
Frances Baum Nicholson, Pasadena Star News
January 21, 2010

“Ray Bradbury, America’s senior bard of imaginative fiction, has brought forth such a hazelnut from his deep pools and director/choreographer Steve Josephson has presented it perfectly. ‘Ray Bradbury’s 2116’ is a sweet nutmeat of a performance piece, a chamber musical with a formidable pedigree and an unconquerable zest… The two men collaborated with musical director John Hoke to create a vital, charming presentation, one that blends traditional art forms, modern visuals and pure Bradbury logomancy. Here in this studiedly low-tech but vividly Expressionist staging, you’ll find the aesthetics of Tim Burton in J.W. Layne’s sets and the fine odd line art of Joe Magniani in Darlene Krantz’ facial makeup; skilled dancers wearing riveted leotards create vivid interpretations of Bradbury’s clockwork robots, “marionettes” rather than replicants. The refreshed-retro production design nicely contains the perennial themes and tropes of ‘2116’ ”
– Steve Weintz, Famous Monsters of Filmland
January 28, 2010

“ it is a true slice of history. It feels authentic… The staging builds on a vaudevillian Cirque du Soleil styling in costumes and set, the dances are clean and simple, and the music is sweet — lending charm to an otherwise amply surreal story that is part O. Henry, part Bladerunner.”
– Kenneth Hughes, Flavorpill
January 16, 2010

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