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Oliver! 2008 Studio Cast (Sally Ann Triplett)
Composer: Bart, Lionel
Lyricist: Bart, Lionel

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Audio CD


Product Description
Remixed and remastered with different takes and three new vocalists, Sally Ann Triplett, Megan Kelly and Will Kenning.

Book Music and Lyrics by
Lionel Bart

Based on 'Oliver Twist' by
Charles Dickens


Julian Forsythe
Sally Ann Triplett
William Kenning
Stuart Kale
Richard South
Ifran Ahmad
Rosemary Ashe
John Connell
Joan Davis
Nickolas Grace
Janis Kelly
Clare Louise Connolly
Donald Maxwell
Claire Moore

Orchestrated and Conducted by John Owen Edwards

Originally opening in London in 1960 Oliver! moved to Broadway in 1963 running for 774 performances. Until recently, for the production of Oliver!, Bart was the only English composer to win a Tony for Best Musical.. Made into a classic world wide phenomenon by the film version in 1968, which unusually left the stage score fairly in tact by only cutting two songs, Oliver has become a favourite the world over. Wonderful songs abound throughout the show from the rousing "Consider Yourself" to beautiful "Where Is Love" and "As Long As He Needs Me."

The stage orchestrations call for only 13 musicians and, while adapting from the stage orchestrations, John Owen Edwards for this JAY recording orchestrated to make use of the full symphonic orchestra incorporating the sumptuous sound of the film.

"What we have ended up with therefore is a scaled up version of the original theatre score rather than a scaled down version of the film" - John Owen Edwards.

Bringing a cast together to perform such a well known show as Oliver! is often difficult as performers need to bring innovation and freshness to each role. Julian Forsythe (Fagin) and Ifran Ahmad (The Artful Dodger) had recently played their roles on the London stage but gave the sort of brilliant performances that make a show or recording memorable, they positively shine in this Recording. We can't get enough of this one!

Olivier Award winner, Sally Ann Triplett reprises the role of Nancy on this recording, having given definitive stage portrayals in several productions. With stars throughout the rest of the cast in the including Stuart Kale, Sheila Hancock and William Kenning as a chillingly powerful Bill Sykes JAY can certainly boast one of the most stellar casts ever assembled for a performance of Oliver!.

National Symphony Orchestra
2.Food Glorious Food
Boys of Oliver!
Stuart Kale, Sheila Hancock, Richard South
4.I Shall Scream
Sheila Hancock, Stuart Kale
5.Boy For Sale
Stuart Kale
6.That's Your Funeral
Nickolas Grace, Rosemary Ashe, Stuart Kale
7.Where Is Love?
Richard South
8.Consider Yourself
Irfan Ahmad, Richard South, Boys Of Oliver!, Company Of Oliver!
9.Pick A Pocket Or Two
Julian Forsyth, Boys Of Oliver!
10.It's A Fine Life
Sally Ann Triplett, Clare Louise Connolly, Boys of Oliver!
11.I'd Do Anything
Irfan Ahmad, Sally Ann Triplett, Richard South, Clare Louise Connolly, Julian Forsyth, Boys of Oliver!
12.Be Back Soon
Julian Forsyth, Boys of Oliver!
Sally Ann Triplett, Company of Oliver!
14.My Name
Will Kenning
15.As Long As He Needs Me
Sally Ann Triplett
16.Where Is Love? (Reprise)
Joan Davis
17.Who Will Buy?
Janis Kelly, Jean Rigby, Donald Maxwell, Claire Moore, John Connell, Richard South, Company of Oliver!
18.It's A Fine Life (Reprise)
Sally Ann Triplett, Will Kenning, Julian Forsyth, Irfan Ahmad
19.Reviewing The Situation
Julian Forsyth
20.As Long As He Needs Me (Reprise)
Sally Ann Triplett
21.Reviewing The Situation (Reprise)
Julian Forsyth

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