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Simply Sondheim: A 75th Birthday Salute
Various Artists

Price: $22.95

Audio CD (double)

Product Description
The two-CD live recording from the San Francisco tribute concert in honor of Stephen Sondheim's 75th birthday. In December of 2005, some of San Francisco's most talented artists came together to pay homage to one of musical theatre's greatest composer/lyricists. The concert was a smashing sold-out success and featured one great Sondheim song after another. All of Mr. Sondheim's major shows are represented, along with his most recent, Bounce, and the new version of The Frogs. Also included is the world premiere recording of "Farewell," which was written for the 1971 revival of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. The cast features James Brewer, Amy Dondy, Kelly Ground, Hannah Rose Kornfeld, Kim Larsen, Tom Orr, Shay Oglesby-Smith, Steve Rhyne and Stephanie Rhoads, as well as special guests Lisa Vroman, Guy Haines, and Judy Butterfield.

Act I - CD 1:
1. "Make the Most of Your Music" (James Brewer and Company)

2. The Love Medley:
"Love Is in the Air" (Kim Larsen and Shay Oglesby-Smith)
"Tonight" (Steve Rhyne and Stephanie Rhoads)
"Happiness" (Kelly Ground and Tom Orr)
"Do I Hear a Waltz?" (Kelly Ground)
"Lovely" (Judy Butterfield)
"I've Got You to Lean On" (Amy Dondy)
"Pretty Women" (James Brewer)
"You Could Drive a Person Crazy" (Stephanie Rhoads, Kelly Ground and Shay Oglesby-Smith)

3. "Hello, Little Girl" (Kim Larsen and Hannah Rose Kornfeld)

4. "I Know Things Now" (Hannah Rose Kornfeld)

5. "Love, I Hear" (Steve Rhyne)

6. "Sooner or Later" (Shay Oglesby-Smith)

7. "Anyone Can Whistle" (Tom Orr)

8. "The Last Midnight" (Amy Dondy)

9. "Come Play Wiz Me" (Shay Oglesby-Smith and Kim Larsen)

10. "I'm in Love with a Boy" (Judy Butterfield)

11. The Marriage Medley:
"Agony" (Steve Rhyne and Tom Orr)
"If Mama Was Married" (Judy Butterfield and Hannah Rose Kornfeld)
"Getting Married Today" (Stephanie Rhoads)
"The Little Things You Do Together" (Amy Dondy, James Brewer, Shay Oglesby-Smith and Kim Larsen)

12. "Ah, But Underneath" (Kelly Ground, Kim Larsen, Tom Orr and Steve Rhyne"

13. "Good Thing Going"/"Not a Day Goes By" (James Brewer)

14. "Broadway Baby" (Company)

Act II - CD 2:
1. The Saturday Night Medley:
"Saturday Night" (Kim Larsen, Steve Rhyne, Tom Orr and James Brewer)
"So Many People" (Amy Dondy)
"A Moment with You" (Amy Dondy and James Brewer)
"Saturday Night: Reprise" (Kim Larsen, Steve Rhyne, Tom Orr and James Brewer)

2. "What More Do I Need?" (Stephanie Rhoads)

3. "Back in Business" (Hannah Rose Kornfeld)

4. "Not While I'm Around"/"Children Will Listen" (Kim Larsen and Kelly Ground)

5. "More" (Amy Dondy)

6. "A Parade in Town" (Guy Haines)

7. "The Glamorous Life" (Kelly Ground)

8. "I Remember" (Judy Butterfield)

9. "Take Me to the World" (Stephanie Rhoads and James Brewer)

10. "Everybody Says Don't" (Steve Rhyne)

11. "The Girls of Summer" (Lisa Vroman)

12. "Farewell" (Shay Oglesby-Smith, Steve Rhyne and Kim Larsen)

13. "Sunday in the Park with George" (Kelly Ground and Tom Orr)

14. "Bounce" (Kim Larsen and Steve Rhyne)

15. "Hades" (Company)

16. "No More"/"Everybody's Got the Right" (Company)

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