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Leonard Bernstein's Mass
Version: NEW YORK 1971
Composer: Bernstein, Leonard

Price: $24.95

Audio CD (double)

Product Description
The Original 1971 John F. Kennedy Center Production conducted by Leonard Bernstein himself!
Featuring Alan Titus - Celebrant, The Norman Scribner Choir and The Berkshire Boy Choir!

1. Mass: I. Devotions Before Mass; 1. Antiphon: Kyrie eleiso
2. Mass: I. Devotions Before Mass; 2. Hymn And Psalm: 'A Simple Song'
3. Mass: I. Devotions Before Mass; Responsory: Alleluia
4. Mass: II. First Introit (Rondo); 1. Prefatory Prayers
5. Mass: II. First Introit (Rondo); 2. Thrice-Triple Canon: Dominus vobiscum
6. Mass: III. Second Introit: 1. In nomine Patris
7. Mass: III. Second Introit; 2. Prayer for the Congregation (Chorale: 'Almighty Father')
8. Mass: III. Second Introit; 3. Epiphany
9. Mass: IV. Confession; 1. Confiteor
10. Mass: IV. Confession; 2. Trope: 'I Don't Know'
11. Mass: IV. Confession; 3. Trope: 'Easy'
12. Mass: V. Meditation No. 1; Orchestra Alone
13. Mass: VI. Gloria; 1. Gloria Tibi
14. Mass: VI. Gloria; 2. Gloria in excelsis
15. Mass: VI. Gloria; 3. Trope; 'Half Of The People
16. Mass: VI. Gloria; 4. Trope: 'Thank You'
17. Mass: VII. Meditation No. 2; Orchestra Alone
18. Mass: VIII. Epistle; 'The Word Of The Lord'
19. Mass: IX. Gospel-Sermon; 'God Said'
Disc: 2

1. Mass: X. Credo: 1. Credo in unum Deum
2. Mass: X. Credo: 2. Trope: 'Non Credo'
3. Mass: X. Credo: 3. Trope: 'Hurry'
4. Mass: X. Credo: 4. Trope: 'World Without End'
5. Mass: X. Credo: 5. Trope: 'I Believe In God'
6. Mass: XI. Meditation No. 3: (De profundis, part 1)
7. Mass: XII. Offertory: (De profundis, part 2)
8. Mass: XIII. The Lord's Prayer: 1. 'Our Father...'
9. Mass: XIII. The Lord's Prayer: 2. Trope: 'I Go On'
10. Mass: XIV. Sanctus: 'Hol y! Holy! Holy!...'
11. Mass: XV. Agnus Dei: 'Agnus Dei...'
12. Mass: XVI. Fraction: 'Things Get Broken'
13. Mass: XVII. Pax: Communion: 'Secret Songs

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