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In Trousers (1979 Original Off-Broadway Cast) [CD and Digital Download!]
Composer: Finn, William
Lyricist: William Finn
Fraser, Alison/Green, Joanna/Testa, Mary/Zien, Chip

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Written, composed and directed by William Finn.
Starring Alison Fraser, Joanna Green, Mary Testa and Chip Zien! 16 tracks total.

Track Listings:
1. Marvin's Giddy Seizures
2. How The Body Falls Apart/Your Lips And Me
3. My High School Sweetheart
4. Set Those Sails
5. My Chance To Survive The Night
6. I Am Wearing A Hat (Marvin Takes A Wife)
7. How Marvin Eats His Breakfast
8. A Breakfast Over Sugar
9. Whizzer Going Down
10. High School Ladies At 5 O'Clock/The Rape Of Miss Goldberg By Marvin
11. The Nausea Before The Game/Love Me For What I Am
12. Michael's Final Words From How America Got Its Name/Your Lips And Me (Reprise)
13. Marvin Take a Victory Shower
14. Another Sleepless Night
15. In Trousers (The Dream)
16. Bonus Track: Iím Breaking Down (Alison Fraser)

Original Cast Records presents
The Marvin Songs

(1 Marvin, 3 Ladies & 8 Musicians)

Written, composed and directed by William Finn
Orchestrations and Musical Direction by Michael Starobin
Choreographed by Marta Renzi
with Alison Fraser, Joanna Green, Mary Testa and Chip Zien

Testa, Pesek, Fraser and I had been working on some songs which, at least to me, had suggested a show. It was the summer of '78, July, very hot, none of us was too thrilled to be in the city all summer, and we were not happy people. The show was a very different version of what you're hearing now. We did it four times in my apartment, served grapes, got offers, considered the offers, and went to Playwright's Horizon. First, in workshop, then on the Main Stage - which version you're hearing now.

Machines make me nervous. Recording studios have too many machines and too much else - that's the first thing. Secondly, what I never understood before this record, my first, was that shows and the recording of shows are as different as, say, wallpaper from corrasable bond: they ask, and not too unreasonably, to be treated differently. (I'm discovering I'm no ace at switching media.)

The form of the show is simple: whenever things get too hot for the Marvin, he reverts back to himself at fourteen. After 14, he has a high school sweetheart, isn't big with the intimacies, gets married, isn't big with the intimacies, and leaves his wife for a man.

So Marvin grows up (after a fashion) says goodbye to the ladies (more to the point) and learns to live with always getting what he wants - which is the story of IN TROUSERS.

If these notes were musicalized they wouldn't sound so breathless. (William Finn, July 19, 1979)

"...a cause for celebration." - Stasio, N.Y. Post

Special Thanks to Bruce Yeko, Jennifer Yeko, Katherine Hogan, Howard Rosenstone, Charles Rubin, Kay Pesek, Paul Samuelson, Dr. Jan Dell-Bovi, Barbara and Jason Finn, Paul Isaac, Sarah Cook, Bob Judd and Maryanne O'Toole.

Recorded at M&I Studios, April 28, 1979
Recording Supervised by David Ripkin
Recording Engineered and Mixed by Phil Kapp
Mastered at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs by Tom Coyne

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